WIP Projekt FS19_Bunschoten-Spakenburg
Work in Progress



Work In Progress

There are quite some maps made in different country styles, like Germany, England or America. But there are barely any maps that are styled like the Netherlands. So I thought I would be the first to make a real piece of the Netherlands in a 4x4 km map. I deliberately chose for Bunschoten-Spakenburg, because it has such an unique landscape, that nobody has ever made here before on Modhoster.

This landscape is mainly used for grass and corn, crops like wheat and potatoes are not grown here due to the soil type. I will make grass harvest more attractive in this map, regarding earning money.

The biggest con of this map is, that it has extremely much ditches. So much, that I have been making ditches for 50+ hours already, that is going to take most of the time, building this map.


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