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  1. ice46dragon01 31. 08 2016

    Mod: Two Rivers
    1 star because i downloaded everything i needed and it doesnt work i have mod pack and map in mods folder and other mods i needed in there also but still see no map in mods section in settings rating will go up when it works

  2. ice46dragon01 31. 08 2016

    Mod: Two Rivers
    Collisions of various objects for Course Play players and those who are taking it not as accurate with reality off. In the trees it is this precipitate no longer possible to work through the possibility without Collision in helper mode, you should therefore given falles eighth on a headland.(from description)
    what does this mean i need some one to dumb it down or simplify if for me plz :(

  3. ice46dragon01 31. 08 2016

    Mod: FarmersLife
    what tractor is that in the cover photo i see it alot in youtube vids cant find it tho can some one help me out plz

  4. ice46dragon01 28. 08 2016

    Mod: Challenger MT875E
    you could always use google translate =)

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