Accessoir Teile für SCS LKWs [1.41.x]

V 7.5.2 Mod für American Truck Simulator

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Change Log:

Version 6

Lonestar - Added paint/plastic mirror option.

LT - Painted Parts


Version 5.1

Changed UV template for painted hood.


Version 5

1.40 changes

Added train horn for airhorn accessories.

Reworked Forlder Structures.


Version 4.8

Freightliner Painted Parts

Door handle

Air Filters



AeroX Mudflaps

AeroX wheel covers


Version 4.7

Western Star Painted Parts

Door handle

Air Filters


Front Fender

Front Bumpers

Painted Skirts/tanks


Version 4.6

Added sunshield options for Mack with beacons.

Added f_light options for Mack with beacons.

Added cheesy KITT style beacons on hood (by request).

Added paintable varients of SCS owned trailer fridge units.


Version 4.5

Replaced SCS Mack cab models to remove logo.

Please note: Frack it. Replacing the model means that it may make this mod incompatible with any other mod that replaces the SCS mack model. Sorry not sorry.

Had SCS done it properly the first time, this wouldn't even be an issue. :|


Version 4.4.6

Tweaked Mack Logo.

Changed Mack sequentials to lower glare & removed light casting.


Version 4.4

Updated shop icons for Lonestar to custom icons.

Added Lonestar painted front mirrors.

Added Lonestar steering wheel.

Mack Painted hand rails - sides and rear

Mack Painted door handles

Mack Painted air filters

Mack Painted headlights frame

Mack Sequential indicators for front (custom and scs)

Mack Painted front bumpers

Mack Painted Grills


Version 4.3

Pete 389 bullbars with oversized banner and painted variants.

Pete 389 painted filters.

Kenworth T680 painted front mirrors.

FMOD changes


Version 4.2

More Lonestar painted parts.


Version 4

Painted parts for Lonestar.



1.35 compatibility only.



Added horn adapters to VNL 740/80.

Added full length painted mudguards to VNL.

VNL Mudguards are now new paint system only.


Please note: Horns can be added to light accessory slots on the roof. It is up to you to be smart about their placement.




Added SCS bullbars with oversized banner for Volvo VNL.

Added strobe variations of the roof lights.

Added a selection of painted SCS parts for the VNL.



Version 2.0.2

General updates.

Mod included SCS Bullbars with oversized banner on for Peterbilt 579, 389, and Kenworth T680.


Modell: IJsmods
Textur: IJsmods
Script: IJsmods
Idee / Konzept: IJsmods
Sonstige: IJsmods


  • 10. Februar, 01:21 Uhr
    Version 7.5.2

    Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks v7.5.2 [1.46]

    This mod includes multiple parts for most SCS trucks.

    Change Log:
    Version 7.5.2
    5700XE Tweaks due to SCS locator changes in Valentine’s Build.


  • 30. Juni, 01:52 Uhr
    Version 7.3.1

    Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks v7.3.1 [1.45]

    Various truck accessories.
    Painted options for plastic or chrome accessories
    Grilles with added slots for lighting equipment
    Sun visors with new slots and more
    Compatible with standard trucks from SCS.

    Change Log:
    Version 7.3.1:
    Added new parts
    Updated for 1.45 convoy optional mod setting


  • 20. Januar, 00:05 Uhr
    Version 6.3.1

    Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks v6.3.1 [1.43]

    This mod includes multiple parts for most SCS trucks.

    v6.3.1: Bug fix for uvmapping of ?ascadia doorhandles.

  • 08. Dezember, 10:37 Uhr
    Version 6.2

    Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks v6.2 [1.43]

    This mod includes multiple parts for most SCS trucks.

    Templates can be found in the discussion topic.

    Change Log:
    Version 6.2
    Changes for 1.43 / Cascadia updates

  • 25. September, 03:37 Uhr
    Version 6.1.1

    Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks v6.1.1 [1.41.x]

    This mod includes multiple parts for most SCS trucks.

    Version 6.1:

    Updated International Painted Mirrors to include the left/right indicator.

  • 10. September, 02:41 Uhr
    Version 6.1


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