Ford LTL 9000 Aeromax + Interior (1.40.x)

V 1.2 Mod für American Truck Simulator

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Ford LTL 9000 Aeromax - quality truck model from brand Ford added for ETS2 and ATS players with a new update and new improvements and changes from the author. As a response to the aerodynamic Kenworth T600, for 1988, Ford introduced its own aerodynamic semitractor. Named AeroMax L9000, the new design was an extensive upgrade of the L-9000. While sharing the same cab and the hood of the medium hood LS-9000, the Aeromax used a set-back front axle to add a form-fitting front bumper with swept front fenders. 


Features Ford LTL 9000 Aeromax:

- independent truck model

- High quality 3D model

- High quality detailed exterior

- High quality detailed interior

- the model has own interior

- the model has own sound

- the model has own wheels

- the choice of engine power

- the choice of transmission and gearbox

- choice of color body / metallic paint

- the choice of wheels configuration

- passanger seat

- the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat

- correct position of the Ford logo

- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer

- Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals

- working lights

- working mirrors

- The correct position of the player

- Cables trailer support

- Supports all major functions of the game

- Requires SCI Steering wheels DLC mod

- Requires SiSL Mega Pack

- Correction of animations for windows, wipers and dashboard indicators

-Correcting the camera image from the window on the left

- Support for some elements from SiSL interior mods

- buy in Acces Mod dealer


Changes in v1.2 by Kororuz:

- adapted to the latest game patch 1.40

- Fixed shader mirrors

- The normals of the windshield and the submarines are deployed to the salon (now there will be reflections)

- Fixed light from headlights

- Added \ Replaced accessories for the cabin on official from SCS, including those that are introduced to the game recently. 


Modell: Vladislav Williams, Robin Good, Siebel3D, Kororuz
Textur: Vladislav Williams, Robin Good, Siebel3D, Kororuz
Script:Vladislav Williams, Robin Good, Siebel3D, Kororuz
Idee / Konzept: Vladislav Williams, Robin Good, Siebel3D, Kororuz
Tester:Vladislav Williams, Robin Good, Siebel3D, Kororuz
Sonstige: Vladislav Williams, Robin Good, Siebel3D, Kororuz


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V 1.2
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