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- standalone
- Purchased at a retailer of modifications
- cab options
- chassis
- Your salon
- Cable support
- your sounds
- Have your own tuning


Modell: Alexander Sentyakov
Textur: Alexander Sentyakov
Script: Alexander Sentyakov
Idee / Konzept: Alexander Sentyakov
Tester: Alexander Sentyakov
Sonstige: Alexander Sentyakov


  • 19. Januar, 23:50 Uhr
    Version 3.7

    Freightliner Century & Columbia v3.7 (1.43.x)

    Freightliner Century & Columbia - this mod add a quality pack trucks Century and Columbia from Freightliner for ETS2 and ATS players. The abundance of chrome, the enormous dimensions and the aerodynamic design easily give it the typical breed of trucks manufactured in the North American country. The machine is characterized by high reliability and increased comfort for drivers, which allows for the transportation of bulky goods over long distances.

    Features Freightliner Century & Columbia:
    - independent truck model
    - High quality 3D model
    - High quality detailed exterior
    - High quality detailed interior
    - High quality rims & 3D tires
    - High quality mirrors reflection
    - Correct exhaust smoke position
    - Correct plate license position
    - the model has own interior
    - the model has own sound
    - the model has own wheels
    - present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
    - animation parts on interior
    - the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat
    - the choice of transmission, gearbox
    - the choice of power engine
    - the choice of wheels configuration
    - the choice of color body / metallic paint / skins
    - the choice of chassis
    - the choice of cabins (Century & Columbia)
    - correct position of the Freightliner logo
    - Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
    - The correct position of the player
    - Tuning and accesories present
    – interior accesories configuration
    - Cables trailer support
    - Cabins DLC Accesories support
    - Supports all major functions of the game
    - buy from Acces Mod dealer

    Changes in v3.7:
    - Adapted to the latest game patch 1.41;
    - Added to orders agencies
    - Removed part of the rolls from Freightliner Cascadia 2018. (left an exclusive option).
    - Added new transmission options to the truck configuration.
    - Updated engine selection icons with subsequent addition of engine options Detroit diesel series 60.
    - In the convoy mode, you need to check, unfortunately I could not do this in mind the absence of those who want to test the mod.
    - Small fixes and improvements.
    - Added fire extinguishers to the back of the cabin (chrome).
    - Some accessories became removable

  • 25. September, 23:53 Uhr
    Version 3.3

    Freightliner Century & Columbia ? 120 v3.3 [1.41.x]

    Mod into two trucks: Freightliner Century & Columbia
    In orders is not yet determined.
    So created initially.
    The brands dealer from modifications will be registered in the cabin: “Freightliner”
    You can buy in the official dealer: “Freightliner” only in the game ATS!
    Beautiful inner interior, three types.
    Support “DLC – Steering Creations Pack”, registered immediately into the truck.
    Support “DLC – toys” for ETS2 and ATS games (DLC – Cabin Accessories) is registered immediately into the truck, does not require additional modes.
    Two cab options, they are hood.
    6 chassis options: long; long 6×4; long 6×4 300Gal lifting axis; LONG 6×4 lifting axis, are the main!
    The names of the chassis variants were updated due to the addition of the rear lifting axes.

    Chassis: LONG 4×2 and 8×4 were completely removed from this mod. In the future it will not be installed.
    A large selection of engine variants, all with your sounds.
    6 PPC options: 10/13/18 + Retarder.
    Added an animation of brake, animated buttons of the windows, animation of the trailer handbrake and a truck handler, are rearranged by places.
    Removed the second bed “Top” is made at will.
    Removed overweight custom tuning.
    Removed error with rain drops with open windows.
    Fixed black textures of the cabin: sleeping bags, chairs, curtains and so on.
    Fixed reflection in the right lower chrome-plated mirror.
    The brake lever is rewritten on the trailer, now it works correctly. (Earlier it worked as a retarder)
    Sounds: FMOD, have been changed and supplemented in connection with the introduction of a new update 1.39.x
    Replaced Texture of chrome on the “saddle” (trailed device), leading bridges and a cardan shaft.
    Painted frame and its components.
    Added steered, replaced previous icons when choosing steering in tuning.
    Skins have been added. (Installing individual mods on the same, the most skins are not required).
    Changes in appearance when buying a modification brand from the dealer and when viewing in the gallery.
    Added exclusive illumination to the solon in the form of a dragon from DLC.
    Added horses, with the ability to choose any option you like.
    Added flashing lighthouses.
    Updated curtain textures.
    Removed old cable options, they are now replaced by the stock size.
    Changed interior of the cabin.
    Some materials are corrected.
    Added new options for rear bumpers.
    Added mounts under a number sign on the front bumper.
    Added slots to install additional lighting.
    Removed extra antennas.
    Changed the texture of the animation of the steel exterior and interior.
    Added basic plastic mirrors.
    Conflict protection has been established in order for accessories not compatible with each other visually did not give up each other.
    And much more.

    For the correct operation of the Fashion you need to update on the mod “SISL`s Mega Pack” Cabin Accessories with registration specifically for this truck … (registration from Schurik43rus).
    The mod is set separately.
    For this reason, do not use the “SISL`s Mega Pack” Cabin Accessories, until its full update under the current version of the game.
    Part of the data of accessories is already maintained in the truck.
    Support: “Cabin_Accessories_DLC_FOR_ATS”, this mod add accessories from the ETS2 game.
    The code is registered in the truck, removed the registration and textures of the curtains on the windshield, removed the registration of the same accessories.
    Do not conflict with a truck: “Freightliner Argosy v2.5 / v2.7 1.38-1.40”.
    I do not recommend using both options in the cab, as they are interchangeable.
    In this case, if you use third-party fashion for accessories!
    The game update allows you to now use your accommodation in the cabin, which leads
    To the incorrect display of accessories from third-party modes.

    The presence of “DLC – Toys” (DLC – Cabin Accessories) must be in your add-ons to the game purchased!
    Without it, there will be no accessories, or will not be correct.
    The back of the overall lights requires the installation of accessories from Flat-Line fashion,
    The same modes sets overall lights on the tanks.
    This mod requires an official update from the author: Virat8 (BluePrint Mods) under the version of the game V.1.40.x-1.41.x
    Mod updated, author: Virat8 (BluePrint Mods).
    Before putting a new version of the Fashion, sell a truck from the old version of the Fashion, then disable it from the list of modifications.
    So that there are no conflicts and hanging the game.
    I do not recommend installing this truck in the ETS2 game, as the mod was created precisely for ATS.
    Updated and tested on version “V. (64bit)”
    Authors: Schurik43rus, Renenate, SCS, Dark Lord, Sanék September, Virat8 (BluePrint Mods), Kapitan Kriechbaum.
    Avora is indicated who participated in general in general for the entire period of its existence, as well as accessories and additional details taken from these authors.

  • 03. April, 18:59 Uhr
    Version 2.0 für 1.37


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