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New Engine Sounds for the Detroit Diesel DD13/15/16 Engines for the Freightliner Cascadia 2018 by Galimim.


This mod adds new Engine Sounds for the above mentioned truck (the name's just too long to keep typing it over and over, for goodness sake).


Select the Eaton Transmission you want first and then select the engine, or else the game will CTD

You will not find Galimim's original transmissions, to add them I would need to be the ultimate life form, but unfortunately I am not :( . Anyway, this mod, requiring LoaderSaints Real Eaton Transmissions, has a 12-Speed Automatic, so for those of you who like fleet-spec, there you go! If anything else need to be added into the mod or description for this mod, feel free to comment below!


It doesn't remove or replace the default engines from Galimim, so you can test out if you like mines better.


This mod has certain requirements: It needs Galimim's Cascadia 2018 and Loader Saints Real Eaton Transmissions!


This mod contains Kriechbaum's Engine sounds for the Mercedes Benz OM471 Engine originally for ETS2.

It sounded beautiful when I paired it to the Freightliner Cascadia 2018 so I made this mod because of it.


Modell: Kriechbaum(Sounds), NorthEast Logistics
Textur: Kriechbaum(Sounds), NorthEast Logistics
Script: Kriechbaum(Sounds), NorthEast Logistics
Idee / Konzept: Kriechbaum(Sounds), NorthEast Logistics
Tester: Kriechbaum(Sounds), NorthEast Logistics
Sonstige: Kriechbaum(Sounds), NorthEast Logistics


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    Version 1.0


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V 1.0
American Truck Simulator
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