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V 1.0 Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 15

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Knuston Farm Extended for Farming Simulator 2015



Knuston farm is a map more or less based on real life, its an area of chosen land from right out of my back door and some where I know like the back of my hand. The main farm in real life is actually called Knuston High Farm and is an old farming business that has been going for a long long time, there business is pretty much arable farming and even though they have there own land they also do a lot of contracting around large parts of Northamptonshire. I have kept the map layout as real as possible with all fields being in the correct position by making a map tattoo from a scale 2km by 2km print screen of that area, I have also used a modified version of the DEM for this map. Keeping with real life the map is mostly geared up for arable farming which is obvious from the layout though there is some grass to be cut as well. New to the extended version is the railway line, as I have only added in the goods line the fields the other side are made up though kept the similar pattern and theme and have some what kept the layout realistic.

How have I done my map and why


After starting various other map projects and failing to complete them for various reasons I decided to ask myself questions over map making, I worked out what I wanted in a map and for what the map would be used for. I did not buy a forestry game so I have not added anything for forestry, even though I have been very careful when making my map in terms of performance and trying to make everything as tidy as possible I still prefer detail and I like my maps to look very pretty. I cant stress enough this map is quite intensive on most computers including my own, I wont change this and its just my style and maybe its a shame Giants didn't make better gaming engines that would allow such detail.

Need to know


This map and as always has been aimed at creating luscious scenery full of greenery just like in life, so the use of trees, bushes and hedges is very high and in fact there is near on or about 4500 trees in this map, so please understand that a decent computer medium to high spec will be needed to play on higher settings. Now with addition of now land those tree figures are likely to be another third higher.



    • Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented

    • Few natural sounds added

    • All foliage is altered in shape and size as well as textures changed

    • Cows, sheep and chickens implemented

    • Chopped straw mod added, original swathes have also been altered to look more tidy and fuller

    • Yard cluttered with tools, objects and decals

    • All gates open and shut manually

    • Buyable fields with custom buy signs

Extended features


    • Many many fixes that where mentioned from the previous version

    • Railway line added in place of real life midland mainline railway (goods line)

    • Vastly extended the land the other side of the railway line

    • Added a large smart BGA facility within the new land

    • Added small farm yard within new land (very small only couple of features, more a stop gap)

    • Made new PDA map that is very different to anything else I have seen (easy to read, clean and smart)

    • New foliage layers added across the map to brighten everything up (Wild flowers and bushes)

    • Animated horses added to replace the static ones at edge of map

    • Animated balloon with sound, fire and lights up on very long spline (so it don't appear all the time)

    • Working Class 222 meridian in East Midlands Trains livery as a seven car consist, Speeding past at 93mph with real sounds taken from Train simulator 2015, working horn which comes on for 3 seconds every 50 seconds, at 2100 hours the train automatically lights up (windows, cab and red/yellow lights)

    • This map has been made soil mod ready for the enthusiast :P

    • Cut grass changed for realism

Needed mods


    • Marshall pack -

    • Animation map trigger -

    • Chopped straw mod -

Soil mod information


You can use this map with or without soil mod, if you want to play soil mod then you need to add the mod that is linked below. If you want to play the map like any other map or default map then make sure you dont have or move the soil mod from your mods folder. Easy! :)

Soil mod



Will my pc run this map


This map will run the best it can, it is fully optimized to how I want to see this map. This map is very detailed with long draw distances, being a scale large arable map it needs the longer draw distances otherwise you would end up with a very blank looking map. Even for myself I don't get great FPS though I have managed to live with it and it turns out AMD cards are just not as good as Nvidia cards when it comes to FS. For low end PC's I would imagine that it will be playable on low to medium settings, For medium spec PC's like mine then medium to high settings will be playable. I have seen on two other PC's people playing my map with around 100 - 150 FPS with ease on full settings, these were high end Intel systems.
All in all I do expect some people to have trouble playing my map, but you have to remember I make this map for myself to how I want the map to be and that I merely share it because I believe its the right thing to do to keep the game going.

Please don't re upload this map without my permission, edits are likely to be rejected by myself depending on the severity of change.

Ultimately enjoy the map as I do... Peter.


Various sheds by NI Modding

Some buildings by Andrei Valentin

Straw chopper mod by Webalizer

Some objects around the yard by VertexDezign

The 10m / 15m Fencing panels and gates should be credited to me, sandgroper

Also the bushes with collisions I have credited as:

Originally uploaded to FSUK by Johan12 for FS11
Original modder: Dennis Busch
Additional editing: Spider100
Optimised for FS13 and added collisions: sandgroper

Original train (ICE) by Schienen/Zug: wohlstandskind/Youfarm-map

Big credit goes out to Decker_MMIV, this guy has helped me sort out a few scripts within the map and has always helped me with any question of issues I have had. As well as that he is also the maker of Soil mod.

If there are objects on the map that are not credited please drop me a PM as this isn't deliberate and would always credit peoples work.

Adrian S
Jack S
David H
Alex T
Regan H

If you wish to upload to another site you MUST contact me for permission, NO authorization will be given to edits of this map unless you have spoken me in great detail.


  • 30. Mai, 20:55 Uhr
    Version 1.0




Hashtag: 7579f52f9b70439eead0647b011225fd
Version: 1.0
Multiplayerfähig? ja
Autor: Real name: Peter Adrian Smith - FSUK name: Petorious
Preis im Shop: LS
Name im Shop: Knuston Hohe Bauernhof
Beschreibung im Shop: Eine realistische Karte im Herzen von England gesetzt, Knuston Hohe Farm ist ein echter Bauernhof in Northamptonshire, die normalen Ackerbau Operationen läuft sowie Vertrags sie selbst heraus.

30.05 2015
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V 1.0
Landwirtschafts Simulator 15
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  1. Installed with the needed mods.Not even showing up

  2. soulofheart 17. 11 2015

    dounload link ist tot ?

  3. JagTom 27. 08 2015

    nice looking map,very well done
    and very detailed information
    great, like it
    thx tom

  4. LPG 05. 07 2015

    sehr schöne map, nur ohne gülle mist mod nicht so das wahre, das würde die map noch perfekt machen

  5. Lumawi 04. 06 2015

    wie gehen die kleinen hoftore auf?

    1 Antworten

  6. GnomAtom 31. 05 2015

    Hello Pistorius!
    This is a wonderful map - i know Knuston Farm since FS13 and spend a lot of time there.
    Your new FS15 version is very well done and improve the gaming experience again. With Nádasdfalva and Bantikow Knutson Farms belongs to the top three Maps for FS 15.

    Thanks for sharing - 5/5 and a clear recommendation!

  7. w50laz 31. 05 2015

    I like this map.
    She was great in LS13 and thanks for implement in LS15. A very good description and many fun by playing.
    Many thanks and recommendation.

  8. hansi73 31. 05 2015

    Very nice ! Wonderful landscape, thank you forn sharing !

  9. Eine tolle Map, wirklich liebevoll gestaltet, mit sehr vielen kleine Details wie z.B. Büsche, bewachsene Grünstreifen, etc. Die Gebäude mit viel Deko wie Paletten, Schaufeln, kabeltrommeln, Containern, etc. ausgestattet.

    Die Felder natürlich angelegt, leicht hügelig und ungleichmässige Feldgrenzen.

    leider gehen bei mir die Fraps bis auf 0- 1 herunter, sodass das Spiel doch leider sehr ruckelt, wenn man sich in Hofnähe befindet und richtung Hof blickt. Wenn man die cam entsprechend ausrichtet und zur seite/ nach unten blickt, kann man das etwas umgehen.

    Top Map für Singleplayer, die gern ohne Helfer selbst den Acker bestellen wollen.

    1 Antworten

  10. Case_1455_XL 30. 05 2015

    Gerade mal getestet: Eine sehr realistische Umsetzung der Landschaft, trotzdem die Map eher klein ist, erscheint sie viel größer.
    Viele Dekooebjekte sind überall zu finden, Tierbereiche sind schön gemacht, leider etwas wenig Verkaufsstellen.
    Wald gibt es keinen, dementsprechend auch keine Forst Umsetzung.
    Ich hab auch noch mal ein paar Bilder hochgeladen, die Map ist echt einen Test wert:
    Mir gefällt die Map ausgesprochen gut, meine Empfehlung!

    Startfahrzeuge sind ausreichen vorhanden, auch di

  11. Da_V4LLe 30. 05 2015

    This map is very wonderful! thank you very much for the upload. Hope you keep going :)

  12. Optisch schöne Karte, eher klein und gut für den Einzelspieler, der sich auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren möchte.

    Das englische Landleben wird m.E. hier atmosphärisch prima durch die recht liebevolle Landschaft dargestellt.

    Standartfunktionen sind alle vorhanden, BGA, eine Verkausstelle (reicht hier vollkommen), Optisch schöner Hof ohne viel Schnickschnack.

    Eine schöne Karte für LS 15 Puristen.

    Nice, little map! Thank You very much!

    3 Antworten