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Pushmap Project" is a mini add-on to the main map "Project Russia", which includes such cities as "Pushkino", "Ivanteevka", "Krasnoarmeysk".




What's interestnig:


All three cities are almost the same as in real life. The largest city turned out to be "Pushkino", as he is the leader of the add-on. Each city has its own stele. Pushkino has a garage where you can start your career. Also, the city has its own transport company "Pushkino Express". On the way to the city of "Krasnoarmeysk" there is a settlement "Zverosovkhoz". After the village there is a village where you can stop by the site and "rest".




Changes in version 1.1:


Ivanteevka and Krasnoarmeysk have their own steles. The previous version didn't have them;


Removed an invisible wall near the "Dixie" company in Pushkino, which prevented them from entering;


The add-on began to work correctly in a large assembly of maps.


The add-on is installed on top of the main map "Project Russia"


Requirements for installing the add-on:


Map "Project Russia". Version: 5.3 / 5.4:


All DLCs


Game version: 1.45 / 1.46


Authors: Smide, Raybek



Modell: Smide, Raybek
Textur: Smide, Raybek
Script:Smide, Raybek
Idee / Konzept: Smide, Raybek
Tester:Smide, Raybek
Sonstige: Smide, Raybek


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    Version 1.1


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V 1.1
Eurotruck Simulator 2
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