Kamaz Pack v22.11.17 - Spintires: MudRunner

V beta Mod für Spintires

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A simple PAK consisting of: KamAZ-53212, KamAZ-5410, KamAZ-54115, NEFAZ-93344 and NEFAZ-96742.
All trucks are playable and allow you to pass the card without any problems (except with cross-country traffic).
In the future PAK will be completed and add more add-ons, but now we have what we have.

* strongly do not scold me, my first envelope in Spintires, but tried to do everything perfectly and competently
** thanks to the guys from the mBig team, without them it would be unlikely that something would come out
*** be sure to leave feedback and report errors, everything will be read and maybe corrected.
They have their addons + default.


Modell: Yegor Bukin
Textur: Yegor Bukin
Script: Yegor Bukin
Idee / Konzept: Yegor Bukin
Tester: Yegor Bukin
Sonstige: Yegor Bukin


  • 23. November, 11:10 Uhr
    Version beta


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23.11 2017
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