Karte " Die Routen Brasiliens" (1.40.x)

V 1.0 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Mod Mapa Rotas Brasil  v1.0 (1.40.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.



Map, Rod. Washington Luis!

Over 900km of excitement. On this route we will offer you a unique experience, running on the Washington Luís highway with simple roads with the highest level of realism. Reality in visual appearance, 100% Brazilian immersion and truck physics, simulating and exposing the experience that you are really on this highway. Enjoy the emotions of this route that leaves from Mirassol / SP to Petrópolis / RJ, and is in constant updates and expansions. Enjoy the landscape, the expansive real cities, the large and small businesses. Attention to the challenges and good trip!



- Transport a wide variety of cargo in expansive cities.

- Run your own business, which continues to grow even when you complete your freight deliveries.

- Build your own fleet of trucks, buy garages, hire drivers, manage your company for maximum profits.

- A varied amount of truck setup that varies from performance to beauty.

- Thousands of kilometers of real road networks with a unique and 100% Brazilian ambience.


Modell: ETS2RB Team
Textur: ETS2RB Team
Script:ETS2RB Team
Idee / Konzept: ETS2RB Team
Tester:ETS2RB Team
Sonstige: ETS2RB Team


  • 09. April, 22:33 Uhr
    Version 1.0


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V 1.0
Eurotruck Simulator 2
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