V 9.2.6 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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* Changed the pipes on the roof

* Side ( fillets ) mirror slightly reduced and shifted forward

* Fixed geometry cabin doors

* Re- made glass doors

* Changed the L-shaped arch windows

* Modified and complemented by front rail with the inscription


* The very label “RENAULT” made Fototekstura

* Labels now voluminous

* Labels “440DXi”, “480DXi” and “520DXi” installed automatically with

the engine

* To nameplate “MAGNUM” added option “MAGNUM (Vega)”

* Handrails for entry into the cabin now slightly curved

* Do intruding wheel glove compartment on the left – put keyhole right

- Removed

* Side marker lights on the cab skirts and reduced in size

* Lights narrowed horizontal

* The lower part of the muzzle are slightly pushed forward



* Wheelbase chassis “4×2? is extended to the standard 4120 mm

* Lantern deployed slightly behind the cab

* Hind wings borrowed from premium and slightly modified

* Added option chassis “6×2- 4? , type “chassis ” ( no tractor ) ,

with a wheelbase of 5370 mm



* Added another option mirrors ” Chromium (a)”

* Wheel chrome grilles made slightly convex

* Added mudguards front wheels

* Changed the geometry and length of skirts

* Lengthen chrome pipes for skirts

* Added option dark bottle

* Added chock

* For chassis “6×2- 4? 4 choices made skirts



* Reworked the front wheels “Elite Rider (Magnum)” and added their

version of “Elite Rider (Magnum) (a)”

* Added an option on the front wheels “Magnum Special”



* Reflection in the main ( large ) made slightly convex mirrors

(except option mirrors ” Paint ” )

* Slightly reduced size of raindrops falling on the windscreen and

side windows

* Fixed glass mat in the form of a lounge



* Options painting “Route 66 ” is now 7 : standard, blue, gray ,

green, red , white and yellow



* Added characteristic Magnum ” howl ” when the engine speed




* Chimes decoupled all nameplates

* From the steps of doors decoupled cylinder , front chrome grilles

and plates TIR and ADR

* Do magnum traffic reduced clearance







  • 20. November, 19:48 Uhr
    Version 9.2.6

    Changes in this version:
    * Many minor edits on the model of the Magnum and his cabin
    * Improved and expanded animation cabin (steering wheel 900 degrees retarder, engine brake, battery, air, water, urea, ext. Coverage)
    * Added Chassis "T6x2 PUSHER 4420"
    * Restated weight distribution for all types of chassis
    * Locator (balance chamber) is shifted to the center of the cockpit cabin
    * Added option for cab chassis ("Rigid")
    * Changed the on-board computer
    * On the track and side skirts added a third channel UV (only for the effect of "metallic" for new skins are not suitable)
    * Salons added option "+ TV Tuner" (that worked LCD Panel)
    * Added a light into the cabin (included as a flashing light)
    * Added a new navigator (can be positioned on the left - gps, or right - cogps)
    * Added deflectors for side windows
    * Added pennants on the windshield
    * Added an LCD panel in the cabin (without TV tuner does not work)
    * Take a step through the cabin camera
    * Front and side windows are now slightly reflect the environment
    * Changed background navigator for Magnum "Route 66"
    * Updated the color glow lamp
    * Changed the headlights
    * Changed glow taillights (texture and lamps)
    * Added the front wheels "Elite Rider (Legend)"
    * Redesigned skin "World of Trucks"
    * On skin "Route 66" added to the effect of "metallic"
    * Added some old default skins from previous versions of the game (for compatibility)
    * Updated the "uncle's" Magnum, in the UK they are now only with the wheel formula "6x2"
    * At the traffic now travels the basic model of the Magnum (the same as a player)

  • 20. November, 08:22 Uhr
    Version 8.19

    Fixed bugs. The new version of the game

  • 08. März, 16:46 Uhr
    Version 8.14



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  1. Truckbaehr 21. 11 2014

    Sehr schöner Mod, geht leider nicht zusammen mit dem neuen BDF Tandem Mod. Wirklich schade. Die Tandems brauch ich doch zum anhängen! Eventuell Deine Tandemfahrwerke weglassen, die anderen Sachen sind doch Spitze!

  2. könntest du das auch für den Scania Streamline machen ??