Schmitz SK.O by obelihnio & JUseeTV [1.39 - 1.40]

V 1.6 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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What is new?

- model, especially chassis has been splitted into different parts

- 6 chassis options: 3 for standard bumpers and 3 for a Dhollandia taillift. Chassis comes in paint, stock and galvanized.

- 5 different sideskirt options: palettbox, rails open/closed and rails open/closed painted.

- new bumper variants: smaller bumper, dhollandia taillift in three options: stock, paint and fullpaint

- added 4 different mudgards: Parloks and three different variants of the stock fender

- added 3 different variants of a Frigoblock cooling unit: paint, stock and blue

- made the Schmitz stickers on the body removable

- added an only slot option for the side markers

- added Vignal rear lights to all bumpers (dynamic flares will be added at a later date when 1.40 becomes final)

- made the spare wheel casing removeable and added the same versions as for the chassis

- added a new type of rearlocker

- made 48 skins of reallife companies to add some realism to the mod

- all flares changed to SCS ones to avoid conflicts


Known issues:

- flares need adjustment on some lamps

- visual conflicts between some parts


Compatible versions:

1.39 and 1.40






Base mod: obelihnio

Rework & additions: JUseeTV

Skins: JUseeTV and TvKleunen

Testing: a few good friends



  • 10. Oktober, 21:15 Uhr
    Version 1.6

    Schmitz SK.O Trailer v1.6 by obelihnio & JUseeTV (1.41 - 1.42)

    Version 1.6:
    – Added S.KO Express body type (non-isolated body type)
    – Added Sauermann toolboxes to the rear in different configurations
    – Added missing bracket to the fenders
    – Added metal dryvan frontwall to the S.KO Express
    – Added sidemarkers with indicators
    – Added Parlok fenders to the 2 axle chassis
    – Added small painted toolbox to the rear
    – Added double taillights to the big bumper
    – Added ADR plates to the rear
    – Added white Hella square indicators
    – Added round reverse lights with stand
    – Added two double reverse lights to the chassis as an option
    – Repositioned stickers on the Express frontwall
    – Moved sideskirts to their correct postions
    – Seperated the roof and added a clean, a grey-ish (Express only) and a ridges variant
    – Remade the S.KO Express frontwall from scratch
    – Remade frontmarkers for the S.KO Express
    – Remade Thermo King SLX and SLXi reefers from scratch
    – Remade texture for the reflective tape
    – Remade Parlok fenders
    – Repositioned intermodal reinforcements at the front
    – Repositioned Europoint 2 lights for the small bumpers
    – Removed clipping of the dolly in the dealer
    – Adapted trailer to be usable in Convoy
    – Changed the definitions for the dryvan front wall (non-isolated) to only fit the S.KO Express
    – Fixed typos in the Spanish instructions
    – Fixed UI shadows
    – Fixed missing flares
    – Added 50 new skins to a total of 200 different skins

  • 11. August, 19:34 Uhr
    Version 1.5

    Schmitz SK.O Trailer v1.5 by obelihnio & JUseeTV (1.41.x)

    Schmitz SK.O - Updated and redesigned version of the trailer owned by Obelihnio, with many new parts and skins added for ETS2 players.

    Features Schmitz SK.O:
    - Fully stand-alone
    - Trailer ownership support
    - Freight market support
    - Dryvan & Reefer bodies
    - SCS cargoes
    - Advanced coupling
    - Animated landing gear
    - Skin-able
    - Liftable axle
    - Realistic weight
    - Schmitz wheels by abastreppass
    - Enabled in traffic
    - High quality AO for the box, rear bumper and wheels.
    - Realistic reflectives
    - Cable physics support

    Changes in v1.5:
    - Reduced shine on all parts
    - Various bug fixes
    - Added palletbox with old front piece to the self-carrying chassis variants
    - Remade front piece for sideskirts
    - Added shorter palletbox to the fullbeam chassis (dryvan body only)
    - Added single bar sideskirt (stock/paint)
    - Added new sideskirt rail with alternative front piece (stock/paint)
    - Added new closed sideskirt rail with alternative front piece (stock/paint)
    - Added sideskirt with ridges (stock/paint)
    - Added old closed sideskirt (stock/paint)
    - Added rear storage compartments to the Dhollandia chassis options
    - Added Carrier Maxima 2 reefer unit (stock/paint)
    - Added Carrier Maxima 1300 reefer unit (stock/paint)
    - Added Carrier Vector 1350 reefer unit (stock/paint)
    - Added Carrier Vector HE19 reefer unit (stock/paint)
    - Added Thermo King SL100/200/400e series reefer units with Thermoguard (100+200) and SmartReefer1 (400) panel (stock/paint)
    - Added Thermo King SL100/200/400e series reefer units with SmartReefer2 panel (stock/paint)
    - Added new type of rear reflective tape (yellow/red)
    - Added Schmitz Dolly DO 18/L-2” to all chassis variants for 25m combination Type 3 (fully compatible with kast’s rigids)
    - Added chassis in stock/metal/galvanized/paint to Schmitz Dolly DO 18/L-2”
    - Added fenders to Schmitz Dolly DO 18/L-2?
    - Added mudflaps to Schmitz Dolly DO 18/L-2?
    - Added front- and sidemarkers to Schmitz Dolly DO 18/L-2”
    - Added optional signs for 25m combination: LANG-LKW, 25.25m, Let op! Extra lang and Pitka kuljetus (opened/closed)
    - Added Hella DuraLED rear lights (indicator, brake and reverse) for only slots option (S.KO + DO 18/L-2?)
    - Added Hella square lamp rear light (indicator, brake and reverse) for only slots option (S.KO + DO 18/L-2?)
    - Added Doubleburners (white/orange/red) for only slots option (S.KO + DO 18/L-2?)
    - Added 50 new skins (total of 150 skins is now included in the mod)

  • 13. Juni, 01:43 Uhr
    Version 1.4

    Schmitz SK.O by obelihnio & JUseeTV v1.4 [1.40]

    Version 1.4:
    – Rebuilt all chassis variants and added 76 new full beam options and a new intermodal option with integrated bumper. There are now 152 options
    – Added new body heights: 4.15m and 4.30m for all existing combinations
    – Added dryvan option to all bodies available, there are now 30 options
    – Added intermodal sidemarkers
    – Added new style Schmitz corner logo in combination with the lower logos
    – Added dynamic flares to the Vignal taillights
    – Added new palletbox for the fullbeam option
    – Added new palletbox to the rear
    – Added intermodal hooks to the front legs
    – Added fire extingusher to the front legs
    – Added reflective plates to rollgate
    – Seperated frontwall from the main body (needs to be repurchased in the upgrade shop)
    – Added dryvan frontwall
    – Rebuilt the air and electricity connectors at the front and added lightswitch next to them
    – Rebuilt the top corner logos
    – Reworked Frigoblock reefer
    – Added Schmitz S.CU cooling unit in stock and paint option
    – Added Thermo King SLX400 cooling unit in stock and paint option
    – Added Carrier Vector with old logo in stock and paint option
    – Added Carrier Vector with old logo and black parts in stock and paint option
    – Added protection cage for all cooling units
    – Added various stickers/instructions around the trailer
    – Added plating and logo to the big Dhollandia taillift
    – Rebuilt the stoppers at the rear
    – Added ladder to the rear with cover and without
    – Added Dryvan doors (only for dryvan body)
    – Added reflective tape for Dryvan doors
    – Added rear stoppers for Dryvan doors
    – Added rear stopper tube for insulated doors
    – Added reflective plates to the roll gate
    – Added and remade various stickers around the trailer
    – Added 20 new skins

  • 23. April, 21:52 Uhr
    Version 1.3

    Schmitz SK.O by obelihnio & JUseeTV v1.3 [1.40]

    Changelog V 1.3:
    - Added body with foldable doors on the left side and with doors on both sides (including fitting reflector stripes)
    - Added 5 new types of chassis: three axle with steered last axle, three axle with 20 cm set-back, three axle with steered last axle and 20 cm set-back, added two axle option and two axle option with steered last axle
    - Added sideskirts to the 2 axle chassis variant
    - Added smaller 20cm sideskirt for the set-back variant
    - Added a new chassis variant to all six different chassis types with bumper set 15 cm to the front for intermodal/ferry spec
    - Added Thermo King Advancer 360, 400, 500 in stock and paint
    - Rebuilt Carrier Vector 1550 and added a painted variant
    - Rebuilt Thermo King SLX 400 and added a painted variant
    - Added an option to add solar cells to the cooling units
    - Added new style Schmitz logo option to the front corner
    - Rebuilt all fenders and added more variants to the different chassis options
    - Rebuilt mudflaps on the fenders and added a variant from Refrigerated Trailer Rental (RTR)
    - Added two different options of mudflaps to the taillift variants, one at the lift and one right behind the last axle (only available on stock three axle chassis)
    - Added the possibility to add a side door to the right side of the body
    - Added contaminated water tank to the rear, also in combination with different toolboxes
    - Added rear marker option with built in indicators
    - Added an option for side reflectors to the pallet box at the front
    - Added a new Dhollandia lift option for the taillift chassis variant in three different variants
    - Rebuilt control panel on the foldable Dhollandia lift
    - Fixed the lightmask on the Europoint 3 lights
    - Added dynamic indicators to the Vignale taillights
    - Added 10 new skins, having a total of 80 skin options now
    - Reworked some skins

  • 13. April, 02:20 Uhr
    Version 1.2

    Schmitz SK.O by obelihnio & JUseeTV v1.2 [1.40]

    Version 1.2:
    - 6 new sideskirt options
    - intermodal body reinforcements (three variants) and fenders with cut-outs
    - ferry markings
    - new body variant and corrected sidewall layout
    - rebuilt all markers and added them to accessories
    - fixed marker position
    - added hooks at the rear
    - added rear palettbox and rebuilt big toolbox at the rear and added a double variant
    - added burger lights, sidemarkers and reflectors as accessories for the "only slots options"
    - made front markers replaceable by slots
    - added different stopper options at the rear doors
    - added rollgate as an alternative to doors
    - added new reflective tape with Schmitz textures
    - added 32 new skins, now a total of 70 unique skins are present in the mod

  • 04. Februar, 22:03 Uhr
    Version 1.0 update auf 1.40


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