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Welcome to my first Polish map.
You will find on it as many as:
2 farms with space and the possibility of expansion, and 2 for own expansion
Added 5 new crops to the map
All necessary purchases, such as a biogas plant, sawmill, grain purchase, etc.
New equipment needed for new crops has been added
4 villages and traffic and pedestrian traffic
Readable PDAs (thanks Keadriz)
130 fields and 12 meadows
And many other things that can be found on the map
Have fun!
changelog 1.2
- the map works with seasons
- added Maizeplus (requires Maizeplus forage extensions)
- a new clover crop has been added
- new sales sites for manure and fertilizer
-new lighting
- new bush grass and ornamental grass texture
- fixed traffic
- purchases have been corrected
- Fixed lua and log bugs
changelog 1.2.1
- Buggy hide farm script removed and replaced with empty squares
-Script for hiding the fence near the field no. 27
-The prices of rye and triticale have been reduced
Special thanks for help to:

If you have version 1.2, after updating the map, load your save and save immediately so that the next loading the game does not cause errors in the log :)
Prohibition of changing the link!
No sharing of the edited version of the map!
Editing for your own needs allowed :)


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    Version 1.2.1



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V 1.2.1
Landwirtschafts Simulator 19
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