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You have the CHU613.

Now get the upgrades!

This is the Mack CHU613 "StylePak Sampler" add-on

This StylePak (sampler) version includes the following upgrades:
- 1 Cobra CB radio with Red Backlighting
- 1 new cab interior (OXblood) in addition to the 2 that came with the original Version.
- 1 New custom rear fender is in paint truck
- 1 New rear set of Mudflaps
- The Dashboard reworked with 85mph speedomenter and other enhancements

Install this Mod ABOVE the CHU613 Truck in the Mod manager.

Credits for the Cobra CB radio go to AlexeyP from the Interior/Exterior Reworks MEGAPack. Ver. 1.6


Modell: Redd
Textur: Redd
Script: Redd
Idee / Konzept: Redd
Tester: Redd
Sonstige: Redd


  • 01. August, 02:26 Uhr
    Version 2.1

    Redds Corner StylePak v2.1 for Mack CHU613 v2.4 (1.38.x)

    Redds Corner StylePak - this mod is an add-on which contains various accesosiers and changes for Mack CHU613 truck.

    StylePak Sampler "contains:
    - Cobra CB radio with red illumination.
    - New cockpit interior (OXblood) in addition to the original version.
    - New custom painted rear wing.
    - New front bumper. 2 options. With fixed lighting and additional slots.
    - New chrome exterior Mack emblem located at the front directly in front of the air filters.
    - New rear set of mudguards.
    - Dashboard redesigned with 85 mph speedometer speed and other improvements.
    - 3 new gear levers (18, 13 and 10 speeds) M-Drive plate is removed when stick offset is selected.
    - 5 new cockpit interior colors in addition to the original version, for a total of 7
    (Classic Deer Skin, OXblood, Pebble, Style Blue and Style Red).
    - 3 new front bumpers in Chrome and Truckpaint (Rawhide, Moose and Bullbar).
    - 3 new rear fenders in chrome and lacquered finish.
    - 2 new exterior chrome emblems.
    - New Lighthouse.
    - New set of tools in Chrome, Paint and Diamond Plate
    - New headache stand with diamond finish.
    - 147 unique Cobra CB backlit radio configurations.
    - Cable stand and floor box in addition to standard cables.
    - New interior camera views.

    Changes in v2.1:
    - Compatibility update for the Mack CHU613 v2.4 Truck
    - adapted to the latest game version 1.38

    Tested on game version 1.38.x

    TRUCK V2.4 MANDATORY !!! :

  • 27. November, 20:29 Uhr
    Version 1.0


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