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Model: xyzspain
Texture: xyzspain
Script: xyzspain and MBB
Idea / Concept: xyzspain
Testing: xyzspain
Other: http://forum.cattleandcrops.com/


  • 01. Juli, 07:31 Uhr

    added new planter company Great Plains 16TR30 , front tank more capacity , minor changes in other models

  • 29. Mai, 12:38 Uhr

    Finished the sprayers of the Great Plains company
    Some scripts have been changed and some textures, it is still necessary to have the latest version of trailers and kverneland inplements installed as they share the textures of these.
    6 models all with a maximum working width of 19 meters and two models also allow working at 13 meters in automatic
    Tanks are from 500 to 4600 liters.
    On the operation if there are doubts better to visit and comment on the forum, anyway it is quite simple but there may be some confusion since there are models that allow several functions in one position and others do not.
    the connection to the front tank is made from the front tank since it has a pump to perform these functions.

  • 18. Mai, 11:45 Uhr
    Version add ons

    update kverneland2020 includes new models of Great Plains (work in progress) and also changes in textures and scripts of other models, it also has dependencies on trailer textures and kverneland inplements

  • 22. April, 08:20 Uhr

    - added front tank from Kverneland and Vicon
    - added to Miniair Nova the racks for liquid fertilizer
    - the seeders accept 'any liquid' as fertilizer and continue at 50 cm but I have never managed to see the 8 rows max 6 I suppose it is a problem of cell size in the field definition this has also happened in the other simulator
    the front tank accepts 'any liquid' the user is responsible for what he chooses and it can also be filled with a generic fertilizer that is not accounting the cost for now, it also accepts all possible mixtures,It is also possible to download or save it for another occasion in the Slurry Tankers, which is the only place authorized for now to pour dangerous mixtures.

  • 22. März, 15:24 Uhr

    added the new models that were in the forum under test
    Kveneland front power harrow with generic support structure
    Qualidisc foldable 6 mts
    both models have the Vicon version

    there are two more models that are updates from last year that have a dependency on the textures of that version

    Some models do not have shopImage yet as this function is currently under review by MBB

  • 02. März, 20:26 Uhr
    Version 0903

    added terraject 300

  • 25. Februar, 12:39 Uhr
    Version 0903




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