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  1. xyzspain 03. 02 2020

    Mod: Elho Twin 600 Flex
    If there are problems with the textures, the solution is to unzip elho twin 600

  2. xyzspain 17. 11 2019

    Mod: Kverneland implements
    MBB changes in textures and particle mesh, marker frontLoader,etc as well as in the engine make a new update of all the models necessary the changes have been made according to the tests performed in the main models that is to say the copies and variants have not been checked if there are any problem please comment it and add a jpg image.
    There are some models that when the task is added proceed to empty the tank and has to be filled before going to the field with the same fillType that has been marked to purchase, the same happens with the need to make a dettach to be able to do the filling in manual mode, it is an error since version 0.6
    I have seen these errors on my computer both in my models and when using MBB

  3. xyzspain 01. 10 2019

    Mod: Anhänger, Transportwagen und Container
    thanks for the comment
    The problem of the letters and others do not occur when the models are decompressed I think it is a condition of the zip format (I recommend using them decompressed since it is very easy to use the editor and in this way you can customize the models since most of them have of several colors I hope that MBB explains at some point the use of the modifier 'set material' I think it is important to be free in the choice of colors

  4. xyzspain 18. 10 2018

    Mod: HKL and containers
    the drawings indicate what you have to do, it is the same as for the download of the trailers in fact I forgot to include the correct text apology, anyway there will soon be an update in which these errors are already corrected, in the video it is explained quite well and in the forum you can follow the progress

  5. xyzspain 02. 10 2018

    Mod: Macdon D50
    i finished model with version 0.2.3 correct, update 0.2.5 and 0.2.6 the error continues not texture
    new version without path animation

  6. xyzspain 23. 04 2018

    Mod: MB_trac_1400
    the video is amazing, the truth is that the collision of the wheels does not allow the tractor to be abandoned

    this annotated ,change of the point " exit location" in the next update, thanks

  7. xyzspain 26. 03 2018

    Mod: kverneland visio 200
    sorry I forgot, you can not use the front hook must be disconnected , bug in scripts

  8. xyzspain 21. 10 2015

    Mod: Transador
    Gracias por los comentarios , estan en proceso los cambios

    1 trailer no esta diseñado y los que hay no tienen la altura adecuada de las colisiones

    2 gracias a Olly2 por lo del neumatico se me habia pasado (la compra de ruedas no estara disponible por ahora

    Danke für die Kommentare sind in Prozessänderungen 1 Anhänger ist nicht darauf ausgelegt, und es haben nicht die richtige Höhe der Riyid-Körper
    2 Dank Olly2 von ihr des Reifens ist mir passiert (beim Kauf der Räder ist nicht mehr verfügbar jetzt )

  9. xyzspain 20. 10 2015

    Mod: Paint
    yes , in other manufactors

  10. xyzspain 14. 05 2015

    Mod: Kinze 3800
    Es stimmt diese Folie mit hoher Geschwindigkeit, um dieses Problem vollständig zu beseitigen ist das Hinzufügen ein Eintrags im XML-Code der Räder

    <wheel restLoad "0" repr "0>6|0" radius "0.45" initialCompression "40" suspTravel "0.07" spring "155" damper "50" mass "0.5" width "0.76" frictionScale "2" hasTyreTracks "false" lateralStiffness "20" />

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