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  1. temobuqi 24. 01 2015

    Mod: Volksholm
    Can some tell me what this message means (missing compost-soil in l110n_en.xml) I get it only in overview layer
    F9 taste das it influence the game.

  2. temobuqi 28. 01 2014

    Mod: Hagenstedt Modified 2013
    Can some one tell me where to find the manure selling point by the gardener i found the trigger for the slurry but can,t find the trigger for the manure. By the way i find the map SUPER

  3. temobuqi 09. 01 2014

    Mod: Hagenstedt Modified 2013
    Hello, i try to use the No Foliage Trees and Bushes savegame addon i put the GRLE files in my savegame but it changes nothing please some help.

  4. temobuqi 01. 06 2013

    Mod: Platinum Xtreme Octo
    Thanks for all the work you put in the map , ii like it very much. TOP

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