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  1. mikeskey 11. 10 2017

    Mod: Ram 3500
    The black one looks good but the others are garbage. You don't lower a truck like this.

  2. mikeskey 30. 05 2017

    Mod: The Farmer Live
    So much flat these days....put some thought into map making, the world is not flat and boring.

  3. mikeskey 15. 02 2017

    Mod: MAZ 7310
    This thing is kind of absurd without the trailer that is meant to hook up to it. No real use for this at all.

  4. mikeskey 15. 02 2017

    Mod: VOLVO EC300E
    Once a mod is released to the public the original creator has no right to attempt someone from altering it or converting it to a newer game. There is no legal action they can take and literally all they can do is get butthurt and get their feelings all out and cry about it. Respect has nothing to do with it. This person simply converted a mod for use with a newer game so that those who enjoyed using it in 15 can now use it in 17. If Ft really didn't want it converted then they should have either kept it private or converted it themselves and it would have saved them all the butthurt.

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  5. mikeskey 20. 01 2017

    Mod: lowboy
    It's garbage when you can't even connect the neck to the trailer because it flops around like a dead fish on the back of the truck.....Giants comes connected when you buy the same here!

  6. mikeskey 21. 12 2016

    Mod: Giga Farm
    RedNeo you nailed it right on the head, it's simply a trick to get more downloads.

  7. mikeskey 18. 12 2016

    Mod: Stiffi 2017
    Me and my friends have been playing this map on multiplayer and have found some issues. The unloading pit covers aren't able to be opened by anyone but the host and even if the host opens them the other players still can't dump in them. Also the feed and water troughs are not able to be used by anyone but the host. Same with all gates and doors on the map. Please fix this because we all love this map and are looking forward to many joyful hours playing it together.

  8. mikeskey 14. 12 2016

    Mod: FS Mod Manager 5
    You seriously need to have an english version of the installation dialog boxes....

  9. mikeskey 13. 12 2016

    Mod: MPMAP
    Your map has some serious issues. R does not increase the minimap size, escape does not bring up the menu and when tabbing to a vehicle it locks everything up and forces a ctrl alt del to get out of the game or even do anything. Something is causing a serious issue and needs to be fixed before this is even a playable map. All other maps work just fine with the mods I currently have in my folder.

  10. mikeskey 07. 12 2016

    Mod: BigBud_Blackpack
    Learn to use Google Chrome and the Translate function! BTW it's spelled English.....and

  11. mikeskey 30. 11 2016

    Mod: John Deere 1760 12 Row Planter
    Just an FYI, It seems as though your download link is broken. Might want to take a look at it.

  12. mikeskey 26. 10 2016

    Mod: Adapterrahmen Dreipunkt Fronthydraulik
    You folks really need to start hosting your downloads on this site instead of using these other sites so you can get paid for the downloads.....having to wait an hour between downloads such as with this uploaded site or having to pay to be a premium member is absurd!

  13. mikeskey 27. 04 2016

    Mod: Kuhn Krause 5635
    Thanks Joe! Would much rather download them from you instead of some asshat that's just releasing them to be a douchebag.

  14. mikeskey 27. 04 2016

    Mod: Great Plains Seedbed Conditioner
    Thanks Joe! Would much rather download them from you instead of some asshat that's just releasing them to be a douchebag.

  15. mikeskey 08. 03 2016

    Mod: Horsch Terrano 22 FX
    This is a SIMULATOR therefore should be as realistic as possible. This monstrosity is nowhere near realistic. EVERYONE who uses this type of junk is nothing more than a cheater, plain and simple.

  16. mikeskey 01. 03 2016

    Mod: Freightliner FLB
    Horrible download site, next time try one that's not full of virus's/warnings garbage like that. Just upload to modhoster and make it easier on us all

  17. mikeskey 19. 02 2016

    Mod: Holzhausen
    Most recent download link is broken please fix. Thank You

  18. mikeskey 18. 02 2016

    Mod: Mod Manager
    Would it be at all possible to get an english version update to this wonderful mod please?

  19. mikeskey 16. 02 2016

    Mod: OGF USA
    I also forgot, why is there no plow/cultivate textures? the only ones i see are the planted, fertilized and harvested crops textures, makes it very difficult to cultivate a field without being able to clearly see what's done and whats not.

  20. mikeskey 16. 02 2016

    Mod: OGF USA
    Ok so far I really like this map however I have found two issues. 1. those crow sounds you have near the first farm and then again across the river from the lumber mill are EXTREMELY annoying and loud. They should be intermittent like once a minute or something not constant like they are, it's very distracting and annoying when trying to concentrate. 2. Unless I'm blind (which sometimes seems to be the case) I have not seen anywhere to sell straw from a loading wagon. I think I found a place to sell bales but nothing for the loose straw. Have I missed it or was it intentionally left out?

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  21. mikeskey 14. 02 2016

    Mod: Ackendorf
    First off let me say I absolutely love the map, Thank You for such a wonderful job.

    I seem to have a slight problem however. When I am in a vehicle that has an attachment/trailer and I am able to switch to it then my entire hud disappears. I have already checked the keybindings of the G key and there are no issues there. I have also checked to make sure I have the correct versions of the additional mods listed here that are necessary. I have went as far as removing your map from the folder and trying with a basic map and everything works fine. Is there something in your map causing this intentionally or unintentionally by chance?

  22. mikeskey 25. 04 2015

    Mod: AgroValle
    Ah so then all you've done is link the download to a page with the donate maps at the top and put the free one at the bottom. This confuses people and leads them to believe they have to donate to get the map. That's rather sneaky and dishonest. If it's indeed free you should link DIRECTLY to it or leave it on this site for direct download, not take people to a mostly pay site and make them hunt for the free map.

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  23. mikeskey 15. 04 2014

    Mod: ModChecker
    This mod looks like a wonderful idea however It's not in english. Is there any way it could be converted to english or you could make a cheat sheet of sorts so that the english only users could benefit from it?

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