New Holland Speedrower 240

V 2.0 Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013

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This is my version of the John Deere 4995 what I did was reskinned it and put new tires on it. I tried to make this mod look somewhat like a New Holland Speedrower 240 swather even though it isn't the most perfect comparision it still looks and performs great! Also I did reskize both Crop and Mower Heads for this swather!





-Animated Vehicle


-Hirable but doesn't really work so not hireable :P






-Fruit Particle System


Wheels Are From:

Base Mod:


Also Yes You May Upload This Mod To Other Sites Just Be Sure To Do the Credits!


~Bobcat70 aka Fsfarmer11




Model/Scripts/In-game - SAR-michael
Testing - JDB14
Fixes in errors/Add lights - farmerboy69
Wheels - EuroDZN
Reskin/Wheel Placement - Fsfarmer11


  • 05. August, 08:18 Uhr
    Version 2.0

    This New Version Fixes the log errors :)

    Errors Fixed by a good friend ~ Catfish_John1979

  • 04. August, 18:59 Uhr
    Version 1.0




Hashtag: d64b4b2c6b8bc0a9651c573d841b4b2c
Version: 2.0
Multiplayerfähig? ja
Autor: SAR-michael JDB14 farmerboy69 Fsfarmer11
Preis im Shop: 97500 LS
Name im Shop: New Holland Speedrower 240
Beschreibung im Shop: The New Holland Speedrower 240 Head swather makes it easy for farmers to cut and bale grass quicker and more efficiently.

04.08 2014
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3.82 / 17 Stimmen


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V 2.0
Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013
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05. 08 2014 5.374
V 1.0
Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013
17,4 MB 1304
04. 08 2014 1.304

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  1. Snoopy1983 09. 09 2014

    und er ist nur Umgebaut wurden mit der Hinterlenkung nur geändert mehr
    auch nicht

  2. Snoopy1983 09. 09 2014

    Das ist ein umgeskrippter Fortschritt E 303 wenn den genau anschaut

  3. Leon007 05. 08 2014

    really cool i like this MOD:)

  4. Hat mir zuviele Fehler in der Log sorry

    1 Antworten

  5. s8080t 05. 08 2014

    Very nice skin, thanks!

    The "base mod" is also here on modhoster:

  6. I think the mod really has potential. be only the mower for straw should again revised (Save it please the right "dds" format = DTX3!)

    3 of 5 Stars

    1 Antworten

  7. Renault240977 04. 08 2014

    what is this scooter for a???

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