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LS 19 : Deutz Fahr Series 9 v [sp]

Deutz-fahr-series-9--2 Deutz Fahr Series 9 Mod
Color & wheel color, added tires & terra tires, added power choices. Alex blue's tires inspired me to give xml & editor a go, this is the result. do whattever you want with it. happy farming...
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LS 19 : Wheelloader Tools Pack v 1 [mp]

Wheelloader-tools-pack Wheelloader Tools Pack Mod
Bucket 10600L, SilageFork 12200L, Fork, LogFork, Colors + Stainless. prepare to flash your "enemies" with this brighter then the sun stainless steel reflecting equipment. :P Happy farming!
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LS 19 : JCB 435S v 1 [mp]

Jcb-435s--6 JCB 435S Mod
Color, Engine, Terra tires, Interior decoration i changed the axle speed (the speed the machine moves to a side when you press left or right), making the thing feel heavier and more "realistic". (almost...
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