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Hello, here I present you my first project on FS17 which is a SaveGame editor.


I wanted to create something that is easy, quick and handy to use.


This is the first version of this application and it will expand in near future if it is going to be used which will bring more options and features such as vehicle, object and animal possesion.


This first version allows you to edit your money balance, loan amount and also edit amount of stored goods in your silos! 






First of all the application is separated in two parts, the money and loan amount are one and other ones are amount of stored goods in silos.


Both of this parts work in the similar way, just point them to your savegame folder.


First part you need to choose path in your savegame folder to 'careerSavegame.xml' by pressing button 'Find', after that by pressing button 'Get' you load the file and the values will appear. To change them just simply check the box next to the value and type in the new amount afterwards press button 'Set' to save it and it will automaticly refresh the amount in original box.


The similar procedure is with the second part, the only difference is that you have to point to 'vehcicle.xml' file instead of 'careerSavegame.xml' by pressing button 'Silo', afterwards is all the same as first part.






As application will be used I will try to develop more options and features that will allow better and easier use in future.


Thank you for your time! :)


Script: Hawk125
Idea / Concept: Hawk125


  • 22. November, 23:08 Uhr
    Version 1.2


    +Code rework
    +Added changeable Animal count
    +Added changeable Field ownership
    +Added changeable Heap amount
    +Changed GUI

  • 14. November, 09:51 Uhr
    Version 1.0


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  1. Anssgor 23. 11 2016

    Guten Tag

    Ich wollte mal Fragen ob mann mit dein SaveGameEditor auch die BGA Silos Voll machen kann.

    Mein Englisch ist nicht gut des wegen mit Google Übersetzt

    My English is not good with Google
    Good day

    I wanted times to ask whether one with your SaveGameEditor also the BGA silos can make full.

    1 Antworten

  2. einfachich73 14. 11 2016

    hallo, wie lade ich das runter? macht mir immer die seite auf ???

    1 Antworten