Schuitemaker Robusta 225

V 1.0.0 Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 22

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Here by we present the Schuitemaker Robusta 225 for Farming Simulator 22




- Price: € 123.500

- Capacity: 25.700 l

- Needed Power: 250 hp

- Optional VARIO-TRACK axle

- Optional back spreader

- Optional manure Sensor (Precision Farming DLC)


Schuitemaker tank wagons are manufactured under the name of Robusta. These slurry tanks are fitted with all necessary parts and developed for the professional contractor.

The tanks have a very solid construction in preparation of add-ons in the form of various types of injectors. The use of wheel housings keeps the centre of gravity in a low position to realise an optimal weight ratio. Minimum ground pressure is realised through the use of wide tyres of a large diameter.


Efficiency on four wheels Flexibility and more comfort The tandem-axle wagon is most suitable for less solid grounds.

The tandem-axle wagon has a track-following axle and a forced steered axle is optional. This gives even more comfort and flexibility while driving in the field and on the road. It also prevents wheel marks.


Perfect ground pressure Vario-spread axle Schuitemaker developed the vario-spread axle. This feature ensures perfect ground pressure and efficiency on your ground.

The vario tanks are able to spread the axle machanically from 1.90 m up to 3.50.m With the spread axle you will get a better weight distribution and less ground pressure. Perfect efficiency for your tank.



I hope you all will enjoy this mod!








Patrick / Dutch Farmers Inc.


  • 05. Mai, 15:24 Uhr
    Version 1.0.0



05.05 2022
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V 1.0.0
Landwirtschafts Simulator 22
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