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  1. Elysium 11. 03 2016

    Mod: Verarbeitung und Verkauf
    Really good collection of mods, adds much more options to make money. =D

    Unfortunately I have found somewhat of a frustrating oversight ( or atleast I think it is an oversight ) The price for buy/sale values work fine on easy difficulty and arguably normal difficulty as well, but the problem comes when you start to sell your good to be processed and then rebuy the processed goods and repeat this process. The sell values you have set in the i3d are reduced by 50% on normal difficulty, and 75% on hard difficulty. The buy prices remain the same throughout all difficulties. This means when you buy 10000l of flour at the mill for 0.9/l and then ship it to the bakery, he will only pay 0.275/l on hard, where as he will pay 1.1/l on easy. As you can see you cannot really make a profit from bread like this, and I think you only just begin to make a profit if you make sandwiches as you harvest the cucumber and tomatoes for free.

    I don't really have a reasonable solution for you, but for the time being I am going to reduce the buy prices by 25% for my own sanity.

    None the less, really good mods!! I hope you continue to improve/expand on this in the future!

  2. Elysium 09. 03 2016

    Mod: Besser Lenken mit der Tastatur
    Wonderful mod for keyboard users. Adds much immersion and makes driving in first person more enjoyable.

    I only have 2 small issues with it, the vertical camera adjustment in first person makes you look at ceiling/floor when driving on steep incline/decline, if you can find a way to make a slow gradual adjustment to auto correct back to the foward axis of the vehicle that would be great, but may be too difficult.

    The direction change delay was very annoying to me, I understand why you may have done it but I have tweaked it and it seems to work fine with both drive control and gearbox.

    If anyone wants to know how to change it; open keyboardsteermogli.lua with notepad, find "self.ksmDirChangeTimer = 500" and change to "self.ksmDirChangeTimer = 0"

    A better end-user configuration would make this mod top notch, however because it is confusing to inexperienced programmers I give this 4/5.

  3. Elysium 09. 03 2016

    Mod: Besser Lenken mit der Tastatur
    Das störte mich auch, aber ich habe es fest. Offene keyboardsteermogli.lua mit Notizblock und finden
    "if math.abs( self.lastSpeed ) >= 0.00027 then
    self.ksmDirChangeTimer = 500
    und "500" auf "0"

    Vergib google translate , ich bin nicht Deutsch.

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