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LS 19 : Farm Silo XLarge v [sp]

Farm-silo-xlarge Farm Silo XLarge Mod
Silos come from the Estancia Lapacho map.I will also be releasing this mod in a buyable silo version.Fill Tpyes:WheatBarleyCanolaMaizeOatSunflowerSoybeanCapacity:250000l Per fill typeCost:480000Daily...
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LS 19 : Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations v [sp]

Placeable-seed-fertilizer-food-stations Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations Mod
Mod is also awaiting approval on ModHub for you console players! Mod uses the standard small farm silos. Silos contain:   Pig feed. Horse feed. Chicken feed. Cow feed (TMR). Seed silo...
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Empfehlung: LS 19 : Purchasable Egg Pallet v [mp]

Purchasable-egg-pallet Purchasable Egg Pallet Mod
Mod no longer supported on this site. Last version supported V1.0.5.0 Future support only on the ModHub Fillable egg pallet. View this mod as a "trailer" and it's fill type egg. Simply get the egg...
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LS 19 : Seed Runner 3755 XL v [mp]

Seed-runner-3755-xl Seed Runner 3755 XL Mod
Seed Runner 3755 XL Color changeable. Increased capacity to 6000 for both slots. Only takes seeds, lime and fertilizer.   Change Log V1.0.1.0 Only takes seeds, lime and fertilizer.
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LS 19 : Ravenport McKnightG Edition v [sp]

Ravenport-mcknightg-edition Ravenport McKnightG Edition Mod
  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD THIS MOD ON ANY OTHER SITE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!   Ravenport edit.   The following mods are built into the map and are not needed: - FS19_compositeHallPack...
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LS 19 : Placeable Tank Station v [mp]

Placeable-tank-station Placeable Tank Station Mod
Es ist Ihnen nicht gestattet, diesen MOD auf einer anderen Site ohne meine Erlaubnis zu laden!   Platzierbare Tankstationen Füllarten: LIQUIDFERTILIZER HERBIZID Digestate FLÜSSIGKEIT Preis...
  1. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    I have been told about the problem. From what I'm told it only happens in MP but I'm looking into that.

  2. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    That is because of the trigger type. The pallet is basically a trailer will a fill trigger set for eggs only.

    1 Antworten

  3. Mod: Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations
    I will add that on next update.

  4. Mod: Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations
    There is a glitch with the TempoL16 planter. That has nothing to do with the mod it's on Giants Software side. There is a mod somewhere for that planter with a fix.

  5. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    Download here until website updates. Link also in description.

  6. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    Its found under objects/pallets

  7. Mod: Placeable Tank Station
    Thanks I'll look into it.

  8. Mod: Placeable Seed Fertilizer Food Stations
    Nein, es ist nur ein Kaufpunkt.

    No. It is a buying point only.

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