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  1. Mod: Lizard 1600
    My mod shouldn't be uploaded here...

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  2. Mod: Ravenport McKnightG Edition
    I have reports of some floating objects in V1.0.8.0 I will get that fixed ASAP

  3. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    I'm looking into it. I don't have an MP server so its hard for me to test and figure out whats causing the problem.

  4. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    I have been told about the problem. From what I'm told it only happens in MP but I'm looking into that.

  5. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    That is because of the trigger type. The pallet is basically a trailer will a fill trigger set for eggs only.

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  6. Mod: Placeable Buying Stations
    I will add that on next update.

  7. Mod: Placeable Buying Stations
    There is a glitch with the TempoL16 planter. That has nothing to do with the mod it's on Giants Software side. There is a mod somewhere for that planter with a fix.

  8. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    Download here until website updates. Link also in description.

  9. Mod: Purchasable Egg Pallet
    Its found under objects/pallets

  10. Mod: Placeable Tank Station
    Thanks I'll look into it.

  11. Mod: Placeable Buying Stations
    Nein, es ist nur ein Kaufpunkt.

    No. It is a buying point only.

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