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  1. MoonDragon 05. April

    Mod: Maserati Quattroporte 2005 - MD
    - Sorry I was wrong to load the mod, it is for Farming simulator 2011 (LS2011)
    - Scusate mi sono sbagliato a caricare la mod, è per Farming simulator 2011 (LS2011)
    - Entschuldigung, ich habe mich geirrt, den Mod zu laden, er ist für Farming Simulator 2011 (LS2011)

  2. MoonDragon 19. März

    Mod: IMT 533 ploughingspec
    Maybe there is someone, like me, still playing in 2022. This little tractor is very well done, the original couldn't start the engine. I have personally added a rear light because the work light turns on like a ghost. Anyone who wants the spotlight write to me

  3. MoonDragon 22. 09 2021

    Mod: Man Tge 2017 Blitzlader Weißenborn
    hello, I tried but I can't tilt the floor, what should I do?

  4. MoonDragon 21. 09 2021

    Mod: Remington 700 PS Gewehr
    no, you have to shoot the beech martens who come to eat the hens: P

  5. MoonDragon 14. 06 2021

    Mod: Hubschrauber Ka-26 Landwirtschaft
    I would like to try it, but i can't download it: "The requested URL was not found on this server."

  6. MoonDragon 29. 05 2021

    Mod: Dukes
    Hi, I tried your mod, is it possible to fix the graphic problems due to the attribution of the material? There are too many pieces that are transparent, if you use sketchup you have to replace the base material with a colored one, otherwise when you pass it in i3d it creates those transparencies. Then if you zoom in a little on the steering wheel (scale with giant editor), it will seem that the driver is actually driving.

  7. MoonDragon 13. 03 2021

    Mod: Samersberg
    Version 2: I've been waiting for an update and it's finally here: I liked this map right away. In this version there are new things and many bug-fixes. Solved the parking problem, improved the trees (even the cut logs under the cable cars), avalanche palisades. In general there is more attention to detail. Good initial vehicles.
    There is a reservoir for the cannons, an impressive bridge leading to the castle (I would put a tourist sign on the road). The rescue and delivery missions work. Nice layout of the gnomes on the deck chairs.
    - Put barriers or create a traffic circle at the end of the road after the tunnel, otherwise it rushes off the map.
    - Small graphic problem on the cannon garage: if you look at the window from outside, on the high edge you see the sky.
    - Add sign, after tunnel, on the turn to black track plant 5.
    I have some ideas to redevelop the big lake area, in case I can help you with 3D I use SketchUp. (if you want I'll tell you in private)

  8. MoonDragon 16. 02 2021

    Mod: FarmingStudio21
    Try to check. I had values already set, with your programme I did not change them and left them blank. When I saved the fields they are overwritten as null. Maybe it's on the mod I tried

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  9. MoonDragon 15. 02 2021

    Mod: FarmingStudio21
    3. I tested mod studio, it works. I would make it read the price, duration and category parameters though. Especially if I don't want to modify them, it shouldn't save the value as null!

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  10. MoonDragon 10. 02 2021

    Mod: FarmingStudio21
    3. in the mod studio I have not tried to save, in case I will let you know.

    5. If you send me the .po file in English I can try to translate it and compile it with poedit in .mo file

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  11. MoonDragon 08. 02 2021

    Mod: FarmingStudio21
    I'm trying the program in Italian language, here are the things I noticed:
    in the initial configuration it asks you where is the mods folder, but what sense does it make when i have already set the path fs19 in mygames?
    in farming control
    what is the lever
    LS19 Sicherung (fuse but what does it mean / do?)

    mod studio i see that unpack and read the selected mod but did not change the parameters (i think it is ok)

    I do not understand why you have to be online to use the program, I see it as a limitation! If I am offline it gives information in German that is not translated into Italian

    on savegame studio
    it should already give you the list of saves, since at the beginning I had to set the folder fs19 in mygames
    - in general
    the difficulty setting (to the right of weeds) is hidden by the bottom edge of the program
    - SavegameSwitch is not translated into Italian and does not return to the previous menu in any way.

    it works well and i like with colors it is easy to see the problems

    in the main menu "update status" the third line is cut off (I see in half the writing: select mod folder)

    If I press play nothing happens even though I have configured the startup exe (but it is not so important)

    For a beta version it's very good, congratulations!

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  12. MoonDragon 26. 07 2020

    Mod: Samersberg
    I forgot to tell you:
    1) In the game logs I find this error repeated: /My Games/SkiRegionSimulator2012/mods/Samersberg/map01/paths/trafficPaths.i3d was deleted
    2) It snows inside the garages, and under the canopies, should be avoided.

  13. MoonDragon 26. 07 2020

    Mod: Samersberg
    Hi, I like your map and how you've arranged things.
    I have a little problem, I'll explain:
    1) I downloaded the latest version of Alpine3D's snow manager, and I used it on your map.
    2) I went to clean with salt the parking lot I bought, I see it's all clean, unfortunately they keep calling me to clean it.
    I don't know if the problem is with the map or the snow manager.
    Do you know how to help me?

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