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  1. Mosless_Neo 18. 02 2014

    Mod: SunshineXXL X2
    I'm already correcting this problem with the triggers. Brief post a version with the fix.

  2. Mosless_Neo 25. 01 2012

    Mod: Fuhrmann Map
    Put your map in Modhoster for download here. So people can know the original work.

  3. Mosless_Neo 24. 01 2012

    Mod: Fuhrmann Map
    New original links to download mods.

  4. Mosless_Neo 02. 12 2011

    Mod: Agritec 2011
    I discovered a problem with the new crop ...
    The respect for the cultures. There may be lag on some computers. I do not know how to solve yet. But I'm studying a method to correct this.
    The map is much lighter than it looks. Something like this crop causing lag. If someone discovers how to install new cultures without lags occur, send a pm to me.

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