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  1. Tikey 15. 04 2021

    Mod: HTZ-17221-21
    This is a mod for Farming Simulator 2017

  2. Tikey 18. 07 2018

    Mod: MTZ-3022 DC.1

    Why do you call yourself the author of other people's mods? Moreover, without any evidence.

    Here is the original with which I worked:

    You have nothing to do with this mod.

  3. Tikey 18. 07 2018

    Mod: MTZ-3022 DC.1
    I converted the mod for FS 2017
    I added a selection of wheels.
    I connected the dynamic hoses.
    Added the opening of the hood to the interactive.
    Implemented lighting according to FS 17 standards
    Made realistic dirt.

  4. Tikey 14. 07 2018

    Mod: MTZ 1822
    This is another version, modified with the permission of the author.

    You can compare the differences in the game (added a front loader, a propshaft, fixed wheels and other).

    You can also see the difference in the size of the archive.

  5. Tikey 04. 03 2018

    Mod: Perestroika
    Nobody asked questions about the map. So your speech has no basis.

  6. Tikey 23. 08 2017

    Mod: PRT-10 Bale transport
    Ja natürlich. Geschrieben von.

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  7. Tikey 18. 08 2017

    Mod: Gazon Next Pack
    Versuche die neue Version.

  8. Tikey 06. 05 2017

    Mod: MTZ 82
    I will postpone your wishes in the future. Thank you.

  9. Tikey 09. 04 2017

    Mod: T100 Raupen Sound EDIT
    It is wonderful. Thanks for the improvement!

  10. Tikey 03. 02 2017

    Mod: Korovino
    Added PDA to screenshots

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