Fruit & Vegatable Storage with Slurry Separator

V 1.5 Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 15

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The following building is an all in one storage and maintenance shed for Fruit trees and Greenhouses.

The building  also contains a Slurry separator that with a small amount of fuel will allow you to turn slurry into manure with a by-product of fertilizer.

Having storage for Fuel, Manure and Fertilizer also allows the use of  Farmer Andy’s Greenhouses.


Now for a quick run through of the building.

• Storage options are 500,000 Litres of the following:

Apple, Orange, Cherry, Plum, Pear, Mushroom, Tomato, Seed, Fertilizer and Manure

• 50,000 Litres of Fuel

• All products except the slurry can be removed and re-added to the warehouse.  The tip trigger at the front entrance will accept all the products except fuel, slurry and manure, these need to be added at their respected locations.

• The fuel area is capable of filling a field tanker, fuel tanker or our edited tankers. Keep in mind that fuel at a very small rate is required to run the separator so leave a small amount in the tank.

• The fertilizer spout can fill Tankers, Tippers, Sprayers or Spreaders.

Note: The fertilizer spout can be turned off so that you don’t pick up product as you drive by with an empty trailer.

The Separator plant does need to be activated once the fuel and slurry is added. This can only be done in the site office at the rear left screen. Product output is updated per minute and is displayed in your help menu when you stand in front of the office screen or the main machine screen. It is also updated on these screens in real time in % form.

• The site office also contains a silo management screen that displays the current fill volume of the fruit, vegetable and seed silos.

• The last and coolest part of this warehouse is the rotating and extending silo spouts. Each silo has a spout that by default is positioned to fill a single trailer or AR unit. By activating the spout at each blue box, it will move out to the lane-way allowing you to drive though and pick up bulk product with a train of trailers or larger vehicle. Do note that if you are parked in the trigger when you swing the spout out, sometimes you will need to reverse back and drive in to the trigger to activate it. Each spout also has a rotating cross-hair to show you the location of the trigger.

• The only spout that does not work in the closed position is the manure spout. The reason for this is if you are picking up with a shovel it would just fill it automatically, it would also mean you would have trouble tipping manure back into the pile.


This warehouse has been well tested both in Single Player and Multi-player with no errors.

Hopefully you all enjoy this Mod.


FS17 Version Coming Soon. 


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Concept, Building Changes & Mod build:     GTX Mods

Building Model:     FSModding

Fill Plane Textures:      GTX Mods, GobbleMRTJ & Kasper

Glass Silos:     Chtisen & TLSF

Various Parts:     Not all known (Thanks to all)

Music:     The Old Country Farm     -     By:  Darren Curtis


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V 1.5
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