XLFarms Projects X2 - Final Compilation Part 2

V 12.2.1 Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 17

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This is a final compilation of my maps for FS17.

This package contains all published and organized maps.

This package is part of the XLFarms project, which features giant-sized maps with large plots of land to work with CoursePlay.

The maps show the latest improvements and corrections.



Topography based on real location, with great plains and long hills.

Complete main farm in the center of the map

Great fields for cultivation

Map has no animals

The map does not have forestry


Contents of this Part II:

XLFarms X2 - Sugarbeet and Potato production map

Map name: FS17_XLFarms_X2_Final_Edition_2

XLFarms X2 - Sugarcane and Woodchips production map

Map name: FS17_XLFarms_X2_Final_Edition_2


Mods you need

Creator Tools

CoursePlay 5

VehicleGroupsSwitcher - 'VeGS'


Recommended mods

More Realistic Mod - MR

drive control

Chopped Straw


Sukup grain bin pack (main farm silos)

Model & Texture - ThompsonM06

Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD


Bio-Diesel Raffinerie by auwgl

Bauer heini by Shell Tankstelle

Radarturm by Rummelboxer

Sheds by Mike_Modding_nl

AnhydrosFacility from the map FS17_LoneStarV1 by rmckinney

Station wash 9M kaercher HDS-C 8 / 15E: Blacksheep Modding

Doors from the mod MachineShed100x50

Models, Textures, Sound by SickleBandit

Texture: Eribus (LS-Modcompany)


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    Version 12.2.1


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Hashtag: 10a87ff165783cd58b78d096379556ab
Version: 12.2.1
Multiplayerfähig? ja
Autor: MoslessNeo
Preis im Shop: LS
Name im Shop: XLFarms X2 Woodchips and Sugarcane
Beschreibung im Shop: Dies ist die XLFarms X2 Woodchips and Sugarcane

12.10 2018
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V 12.2.1
Landwirtschafts Simulator 17
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12. 10 2018 1.269

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