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  1. GusG 21. 06 2016

    Figured it out, I downloaded "vrataTrigger" and now it works by hitting the "B" key.

  2. GusG 20. 06 2016

    I emptied my mod folder and only put the unzipped mods and the MapDoorTrigger mod in my mods folder. Still not working, I don't get the prompt to open the green gates. All other gates work fine. Thorton Farm gates work fine as well as the 10+ other maps I have been playing. Could still be something on my end but I have never had this issue before. I did find a fix, I deleted them in the editor.

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  3. GusG 20. 06 2016

    I have all the mods installed but I am unable to open the green gates. Am I missing something? Please advise

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  4. GusG 12. 06 2015

    Mod: Hagenstedt
    No problem, it was an easy fix. I just edited the values in silo 1 and 2 to match 3 and 4 in the GE editor and it is fixed.

  5. GusG 12. 06 2015

    Mod: Hagenstedt
    This is a great map and thank you. However, the BGA problem still remains. Unable to unload all silage from BGA bunker.

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  6. GusG 09. 09 2014

    Mod: Brunzdorf
    Requires MapDoorTrigger? Chopped Straw does not seem to be working. Needs to ditch weed mod and install soil mod. Vehicle reset needs to be fixed.

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