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About Higgings

Working with a Danish farmcontracter.
We do our work with John Deere, Fendt and New Holland tractors and Claas 570 and 760 combiners :)
  1. Higgings 04. 12 2021

    Mod: Schlüter 2500VL
    Just lag manuel gears, as it didten have vario/CVT gear. :)

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  2. Higgings 16. 10 2019

    Mod: Massey Ferguson 4235
    Has nothing to do, with a Massey Ferguson 4235.

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  3. Higgings 28. 03 2019

    Mod: Ebelsbach (Project17)
    How does he have the mpa in first place,.... is he a tester that has gone rouge or what ?
    Any way, bad attiude to do that.

  4. Higgings 03. 03 2019

    Mod: Fendt Rogator 300
    Would be nice to have the standart INGAME colure choise, insteed of that olive green thing. :)

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  5. Higgings 29. 12 2018

    Mod: MW Plazierbares Hof-Pack
    Thanks for a AWESOME pack.
    Use it all the time. :)

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  6. Higgings 09. 12 2018

    Mod: Fendt Farmer 309/307LSA
    Well, the mod does NOT show up ingame.

  7. Higgings 09. 12 2018

    Mod: Fendt Farmer 309/307LSA
    Very nice, will DL asap. :)
    Would love to see a 2wd version aswell.

  8. Higgings 30. 04 2018

    Mod: Fendt 1000 Vario
    Yes, this has NOTHING to do with TM.
    It is the little black 1050 that is so bad made.
    Fake mod.

  9. Higgings 27. 12 2017

    Mod: Fliegl TMK 260
    Well, did the test my self hehe, and no, still not fix.
    A shame, as the trailer is awesome.
    But have uploaded to pictures that shows grain trough side pannels and tires likeweis.

  10. Higgings 27. 12 2017

    Mod: Fliegl TMK 260
    HAve you stopped the tires from going trough the side panels of the trailer when it is full ? :)

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  11. Higgings 23. 12 2017

    Mod: Huerlimann H6170T
    Great, was missing them from 2015. :)

  12. Higgings 04. 11 2017

    Mod: Bethemont La Foret BETA
    Dont think it is ready for seasons after a bit of a drive around the map.
    The map has potential, thats for sure. :)

  13. Higgings 07. 08 2017

    Mod: Balkanska Dolina Bilogora
    Well nice pictures, but none of them really shows the map. :)

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    1. Jukka 07. 08 2017

      Mod: Balkanska Dolina Bilogora
      you have video!!!!!!

  14. Higgings 06. 08 2017

    Mod: RinderStall
    Looks nice. :)
    Hope to see it in some German maps, will fit perfect in there.

  15. Higgings 01. 08 2017

    Mod: Old Place Map
    Well, it is not worth a DL, just a cut down version of Old Stream.
    So not worth it. :)

  16. Higgings 04. 06 2017

    Mod: AGRI_OC
    This is a very nice map, not for the big stuff, but perfect for oldtimer/youngtimer machines.
    Its a keeper for sure. :)

  17. Higgings 27. 03 2017

    Very nice, will fit perfect in to many maps. :)

  18. Higgings 23. 03 2017

    Mod: La Campagne Agricole
    VERY nice map.
    I know it is a beta and this sure has great potential. :)
    Looking forward to a "finish" version and maybe buyable fields.
    Perfect for oldtimer and youngtimer stuff.

  19. Higgings 15. 03 2017

    Mod: Hatz H 340
    Old Stream,... not perfect, but OK for old stuff. :)

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  20. Higgings 26. 02 2017

    Mod: FENDT 1050 VARIO
    Agree with Jekyll.
    Looks bad and is all so smaller then the ingame Fendt 900 series.
    Dont waist time DL this one.

  21. Higgings 28. 01 2017

    Mod: Euro Farms
    Well after the dl I have to say I dont agree with Tento, but ofcause, a matter of tast.
    Big oddly shaped fields, easteurope style all of it, a sh*t load of machines and you own all fields.
    No traffic and a tendensy to have small lags.
    Not for me, but are queit sure east europe players will love it. :)

  22. Higgings 28. 01 2017

    Mod: GreenRiver 2017 V2
    Map is OK, but theres NO traffic and you have all fields from start.
    So, not a map for me.

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    1. Mod: GreenRiver 2017 V2
      Hi Higgings, Thank you for your feedback, Maybe next version is one for you. We will change the fields and add traffic / pedestrians.

  23. Higgings 28. 01 2017

    Mod: Euro Farms
    It is very nice pictures,..... but, they dont show anything about the map.
    And as MBfreak91 says, a picture of the PDA would be a very neat thing, as we know nothing about the map as it is. ;)

  24. Higgings 03. 01 2017

    Mod: Maitre trailer pack
    Very lovely and very yellow trailer hehe.
    A great MOD for us old/youngtimer fans.

  25. Higgings 30. 12 2016

    Mod: Kaweco30000l
    Looks very nice, gonna DL NOW :D
    Thanks for shareing.

  26. Higgings 26. 12 2016

    Mod: Fliegl TMK 266 Bull
    The sideexstentions on top (The grey "exstra" sidewall on top) is white.
    I will try post picture.

  27. Higgings 21. 12 2016

    Mod: Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 Manure
    Well thanks for the fix any way :)

  28. Higgings 21. 12 2016

    Mod: Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 Manure
    Looks awesome, can we get a regular trailer version of it to ? :)

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  29. Higgings 13. 12 2016

    Mod: Ebsdorfer Heide
    It is a lovely map, just got a very nice feeling.
    But,... yes yes, all ways a but :D
    I, and think many others, would just LOVE if you took the time (know it is more work.) and make fields buyable. :)
    Thanks for sharering you work.

  30. Higgings 12. 12 2016

    Mod: Akpil Bulwa 2
    So, then you just load with shovel or do we get a machine to load as well :D
    But great thing, for the old/youngtimer save :)

  31. Higgings 10. 12 2016

    Would like to see in a month or so, when all the FS2015 things like buyable hedges ect is either implentet or removed.
    Ohh, and a wee water in the streams would be lovely to. ;-)

  32. Higgings 09. 12 2016

    Mod: Ebsdorfer Heide Beta
    Really good map, with many nice areas and the whole layout is good.
    It is fare from done, but has great potential, so that's definitely a map to be followed.

    Wirklich gute Karte, mit vielen netten Bereiche und das gesamte Layout ist gut, aber noch nicht fertig.
    Hat ein großes Potenzial, das ist also auf jeden Fall eine Karte zu folgen.

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  33. Higgings 01. 12 2016

    Mod: STEYR Front-Equipment Pack
    Will be great to use when the Steyr 8070-8150 modeles comes out. :)

  34. Higgings 26. 11 2016

    Dont run on my PC.
    Have last patch ect, but just load and load for ever.
    Queit some mods for 2017 dosent work.

  35. Higgings 19. 11 2016

    Mod: Nordfriesische Marsch
    Nice map. :)
    Have one question, where do I buy animals ?

  36. Higgings 14. 11 2016

    Mod: Bolusiowo V7.1
    Load for ever and ever and ever. :-/

  37. Higgings 12. 11 2016

    Mod: FENDT 1000 VARIO
    Wrong colures and to shinny.
    Need finish and better sound. :-)

  38. Higgings 31. 10 2016

    Mod: International 1455xl
    Oh, and would love the Combiner to be made IHC to. ;)

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  39. Higgings 31. 10 2016

    Mod: International 1455xl
    Awesome, the IHC´s was so much more awesome then Case IH :D

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