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  1. Katze5 10. 02 2019

    Mod: Moro Raptor EXA
    Hmmm ..

    Don't have problems pulling the 14 type with an Optum (in MR mode) but what was more annoying was, that this plough (that is really the only decent plough mod for FS17) has a few tedious (read obvious) faults, that should have been corrected before release ..

    The first fault, is that the wheels don't rotate - this is because the wheels has a collision (not the wheels themselves) but a collision where the wheels are mounted in the plough i3d - this collision is set to STATIC ….! They are gonna be hard to turn with this attribute … I've changed them to DYNAMIC (with same collisionmask) and now they rotate nicely …

    Number two fault, is 3 callstacks in my log .. Took me a long time to trace them back to this mod - it was the WORKCAM from this plough .. Just delete the workcamera thing in the plough i3d (remember to delete the values in the XML files for the camera too ..

    And now it's a-okay ..

    Regards - Katze5

  2. Katze5 19. 12 2018

    Mod: Grasdorf Wennekamp
    Hmm .. Gonna write here on the German site in English (my German is really bad) to help you use this 5 star mod - those who understand, must help those who don't, by translating ..

    In order to attach a trailed implement to the towbar (ackerschiene ?) when the towbar is attached to the weight, you will have to position your player (yourself ingame) very precisely .. You must understand, that there is invisible boxes attached to all mods, that you must breech (collision) before the action you want is showing up .. And because the weight has an attach box (when you want to attach the weight to the tractor) you must leave this box, before the box belonging to the drawbar, can show up .. But not to far away, because then you leave the drawbar attach box ..

    By the way - The drawbar can be attached directly to the tractors 3 point hitch, if you want .. Not so pretty in the rear end (the drawbar is to small) because it's made to fit the front end 3 pt. But it will work ..

    Uploaded a few pictures, so you can see this actually works ..

    This is (as you can see) tested with the manual attach mod - if it is working without this mod, I can't say .. Couldn't imagine to play this game without the manual attach ..

    Giving this mod all the stars I can .. Good work.


  3. Katze5 18. 10 2016

    Mod: FS15 County Line
    Oh dear .... I've never been to God's own country - now I've have ... What an amazing map (and I've tried a lot of maps in 11, 13 and 15) The feel is quite ashtonishing, can't really be described, one has to try it ... It's big (yes) but runs smoothly on my rig (quite a big rig, but is a couple of years old) The landscape is very, very good made - with soft hills (or something like that) not to many trees, and the small Towns are so cute made, that you slow down, to see it all ...

    There is still a few mishaps, but I'm assured, that the author will correct them as they are presented ..

    I've found a few, and I'm gonna post some pictures here above of them ..

    Picture #1 : A rooster is on Loose - just beside the sorghum field you own from the beginning.

    Picture #2 : Something has gone wrong with the decals on the fertilizer tanks ..

    Picture #3 : Hmm .. Can't get the Lime trigger to work - tried several forms of equipment... Maybe I'm doing something wrong ..

    Picture #4 : Just a picture of sorghum harvest - nothing wrong here .. Heh he ..

    Best wishes, and thank you for the map - Katze5

  4. Katze5 09. 10 2016

    Mod: Ropa Euro Tiger V8 3
    @ schweinebauer2 ... My German writing isn't very good - but it doesn't mean, I don't understand what you are writing in German .. Honestly; you can believe what you want - but the fact is, that if you follow my instructions (changing line 762) the sound is working correctly .. So please try it yourself, before concluding that it doesn't fix the problem ..

    M'kay ? - Katze5

  5. Katze5 27. 01 2016

    Mod: Ropa Euro Tiger V8 3
    Did a little Google search for you (all) to try and solve the sound issue (really annoying to listen to)

    Here is the solution (found it on another modding site, but linking is prohibited here, so I'll explain..)

    Open the Ropa zip file - open the folder scripts - locate and open the file : RopaEuroTiger_XL.lua (use notepad++) - locate line 762 - change the line from :




    That's it .. Save, update zip, and play ...

    Regards - Katze5

  6. Katze5 24. 01 2016

    Mod: Case 721f
    This is indeed a really pretty Case loader.. The mirror issue is easy to fix, if you know how to use winzip and GE ..

    Here is how you do :

    Start with copying the case721f loader zip file, and place it somewhere safe, in order to give it another try, if you fail your first attempt ..

    Cut and insert case721f zip file in to a new folder on the desktop (make a new folder) Extract zip content in to the folder (extract to here) and delete original zip file when extracted.

    Open i3d file in GE, and DONT begin to move the loader around in GE, leave it be.

    Find the mirrors in the scenegraph window - this is the location:


    The correct values for Mirror5 is :

    TranslateX = 0.353
    TranslateY = 2.377
    TranslateZ = -3.058
    RotateX = 140.739
    RotateY = 0.001
    RotateZ = 0.001

    And mirror3 is :

    TranslateX = -0.399
    TranslateY = 3.14
    TranslateZ = -0.148
    RotateX = -96.95
    RotateY = -20.051
    RotateZ = 0.275

    And mirror2 :

    TranslateX = -1.019
    TranslateY = 3.085
    TranslateZ = -0.129
    RotateX = -89.576
    RotateY = -30.106
    RotateZ = -2.588

    Mirror4 is okay ..

    Save the i3d file and close GE .. Select all files in the folder (where the i3d file is) and zip it again, naming the zip file the same as the original zip file - then you should be able to do this operation and still have it in your game if you alrady bought it .. Cut and insert the zip file you just made, and paste it in to your mods folder ..

    Then you should be good to go ..

    Observe : Some of the values are negative (there is a small - (minus) ahead of the number) .. And DONT use comma as separator (,) you MUST use dot (.) or it won't work ..

    Taking reservations against typo or other inadvertent errors. Use this guide at your own risk ..

    Good luck - Katze5

  7. Katze5 18. 01 2016

    Mod: Soilmod Installer
    The question about withering has been asked so many times, in so many languages, in so many foras - and the answer is the same as always : Decker_MMIV (the author of SoilMod) says it can't be done .. It's part of the script, and has to be this way - no need to keep asking, as it's not gonna happen .. If it can be done, he clearly wont tell anybody how to do it .. Run the game in real-time (best option) or saddle up with as many people as you can find .. And isn't it a bit over the top to play 4x maps solo ..?

    Regards - Katze5

  8. Katze5 18. 01 2016

    Mod: Soilmod Installer
    Excellent... This will be a "most wanted" feature mod for FS ..But keep in mind, that the Vanilla game has a limit to, how many fruits/foliage it can handle/build in .. Can't remember at the moment how many in the Vanilla game, but there is scripts/tutorials to be found, that deals with this issue .. The last I've seen, is up to 128 fruits/foliages at a time ..

    PS: Just answer me back in German - I'm quite capable of understanding all of you, but my spoken and written German is terrible .. So I'll stick to English .. If that's allright ..

    Regards - Katze5

  9. Katze5 17. 01 2016

    Mod: Soilmod Installer
    Maps with two map.i3d's are maps that has both mods prepared .. One map.i3d for GMK, and one map.i3d for SoilMod ..

    These maps you don't need to care about - they are SoilMod ready ..

    Those with the GMK mod (or with nothing) are the ones you should target .. Sometimes you can get SoilMod to work alongside with the GMK, but mostly they do not .. When adding SoilMod to an already GMK prepared map, you double up foliage layers that has the same purpose - and furthermore, their may not be room in the fruits section for all these foliages, if there is additional fruits installed ..

    Amongst others ..

    Regards - Katze5

  10. Katze5 17. 01 2016

    Mod: Soilmod Installer
    You are such a treasure .. Keep on the good work - And as I see it, it's a ver.1, and a very good one .. Just need a bit of adjusting and tweaking - you'll get there ..

    Regards - Katze5

  11. Katze5 17. 01 2016

    Mod: Soilmod Installer
    SoilMod is for adding more realism to the game - I don't regard it to be very realistic, if your plants don't wither over time ..

    Be that as it may - it's a built in SoilMod feature, and you can't have both SoilMod and no wither .. Play real time, or get hold of a bunch of friends ..

    Regards - Katze5

  12. Katze5 17. 01 2016

    Mod: Soilmod Installer
    The GMK mod collides with the SoilMod, as they has some features in common, for example the foliage layers .. So the best advice is to get rid of the GMK, before installing Soilmod..

  13. Katze5 17. 01 2016

    Mod: Soilmod Installer
    This is really clever, if it works - haven't tried it out, as I'm perfectly able of doing the operation my self. . But nevertheless, it's a clever thought, and gold for those who can't get the procedure to work ... Good job ..

    PS: The withering of the crops, has nothing to do with the installation of SoilMod - it's a part of the way SoilMod is written - With intend ..

  14. Katze5 03. 03 2015

    Mod: CLAAS Axion 950
    This is not this mods fault - you must have another mod that is conflicting .. Iv'e got about 30 mods in my folder, besides this one - and apart from the Claas can't stand still when you leave it (it's slowly sliding gently around) the Claas is actual a very good mod .. Go over your mods folder again, but rule this one out ..

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  15. Katze5 15. 02 2015

    Mod: Hallen Pack
    These very pretty sheds, unfortunately comes with a build in error ..

    They throw a: Warning (physics): Static actor moved (Ramen1) in your log ..

    It's the glass in the gates that has an uncorrect "Rigid Body Type" specification.. They are set to "Static" - but should be "Kinematic" ..

    Please correct it ..

    But very, very good looking they are ..

  16. Katze5 28. 09 2014

    Mod: La Ferme Limousine 2013
    Hmm .. And now the "high" version link don't work anymore - you are directed to the "low" version, regardless which link you choose ..

  17. Katze5 01. 09 2014

    Mod: Fehlersammlung
    This is a very, very good mod .. Now that the SoilMod is appeared, we really need such a large plow, in order to get anywhere when all this manure must be plowed down ..

    Everything works as it is ment to - can't really find anything wrong with the way it behaves ..

    The only small issue, is the Packomat - it doesn't cover the entire plowed area .. leaves small stripes now and then, and though it haven't any impact on the final result, it looks a bit sloppy...

    But indeed a plow that now has it's permanent place in my mods folder ...

    Good work ..

  18. Katze5 13. 08 2014

    Mod: Vila Chisel SXH 3 19 PH
    Just downloaded it - it doesn't do anything like you describe .. You must have a mod conflict ..

    Think it's very good indeed..

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  19. Katze5 09. 08 2014

    Mod: Gründünger Mod
    Hmm .. Potato is still spelled wrong in the mapscriptblock .. Otherwise, happy to see it adjusted to the soil-mod ..

  20. Katze5 25. 06 2014

    Mod: Holzhausen Forst Landwirtschaft
    Sorry, but if the author of the map won't reveal it, then I don't think anybody else should do it .. You now got a lot of hints, and all you need is to try a little bit harder .. It took me about an hour to figure out where it was hidden - and another hour to actual solve the riddle ..

    So back in the saddle, and keep searching - the answers you need, is in the mod - trust me ..

  21. Katze5 25. 06 2014

    Mod: Holzhausen Forst Landwirtschaft
    You don't need anything (other than Winzip) to unpack the map - and if you would like to unlock the map, everything you need to know, is included in the mod - if you wan't it bad enough, you'll find it ..

  22. Katze5 25. 06 2014

    Mod: Holzhausen Forst Landwirtschaft
    Yes, I know - Got it unlocked yesterday .. Just follow the hints, it's not that hard ..

  23. Katze5 24. 06 2014

    Mod: Holzhausen Forst Landwirtschaft
    Hmm .. That must be a local problem (read: a problem on your computer) as I have no problem .. The seedlings show just fine up in my shop - alongside with all the other stuff from the mod ..

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  24. Katze5 24. 06 2014

    Mod: Holzhausen Forst Landwirtschaft
    Hmm .. All the elements ? Did you just search the net for things that has something to do with logging ? Download this mod :

    Everything you need is present in the mod - including seedlings ..

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  25. Katze5 24. 06 2014

    Mod: Holzhausen Forst Landwirtschaft
    Did solve your little riddle, and unlocked your map - the secret is safe with me .. Really fun to do it, I must say .. Uploaded a picture of it. Really great map - best around I would say .. Keep it up ..

  26. Katze5 01. 03 2014

    Mod: GreatPlains 3P300
    The problem with the "hangover" is a bit tricky to address, because it's not all tractors that has this problem .. But if you want to use it with a specific tractor mod, and it hangs backover - it can be fixed to fit to the actual tractor ..

    I've made it fit to the Steyr Kompakt 4095 (can be found here on modhoster) by changing the "Giro attach" angle ..

    To change it, you must unzip the sprayer to a newly made map on the desktop - open the sprayers i3d file - and find the giro attach transformgroup .. It's the "Rotate Y" value we need to change .. It's 90 degrees when you open the transformgroup, and if you change it to a negative number (-) the sprayer will go further backwards - and if you change it to a positive number, the sprayer will go forwards ..

    After a little bit of experimentation, I've got the sprayer levelled at 73 degrees (positive) .. This number also fits the Fendt 500 series from AGO...

    When you got it right, zip the sprayer again...

    Good luck ..

    PS: Added a picture taken in GE, that shows where the exact location of the number that need to be changed, is located ..

  27. Katze5 01. 03 2014

    Mod: GreatPlains 3P300
    According to GP's homepage, there is two versions of the boom .. 50' and 60' (' = feet) This one here could be the 60' version, as the GPS mod measures it to 20 meters ..
    60' in meters, is just above 18 meters .. Hope this helps you ..

  28. Katze5 26. 02 2014

    Mod: Ursus T665
    Stop whining about the width .. It is very easy to change how far the outriggers goes down ... See the pictures I have posted and let me know if you want to know how to do it ..

  29. Katze5 18. 02 2014

    Mod: Panien PW 18 10E
    You clearly haven't read the whole "kommentar" section - as there is a solution to your problem further Down (try to scroll down to Upsidedown's and mngrazy's post's ..)

    Delete the kalk.lua file, as it isn't necessary ..

  30. Katze5 14. 02 2014

    Mod: Panien PW 18 10E
    1: Yes .. (here on Modhoster)
    2: Open Panien Zip file - Open Panien.xml - Edit these lines:

    <sprayUsage fillType="kalk" litersPerSecond="90" />
    <sprayUsage fillType="fertilizer" litersPerSecond="90" />

    Change it to whatever you want - higher number Means it get empty faster, and vice versa ..

    Believe the original Amazone towed spreader, has a literspersecond value of 32 ..

    Try it out .. And remember to save XML file, and update zip file when asked to by program ..

  31. Katze5 11. 02 2014

    Mod: Samson Gülle Pack
    This is probably a mod-conflict.. Empty your mods folder, and try to run the game only with the 3 Samson zip files in the folder ..

  32. Katze5 11. 02 2014

    Mod: Samson Gülle Pack
    This is quite an impressive version 2 ..! No changes have been made (beside the altering of the Price) Still got these issues with RAW textures and so on ...

    No need to download this pack, if you already got the version 1 ..

    If you really want to have some changes made to this PGV, the original author has a Facebook profile - Try to Google "FS2013 Skovgaard"

    Write to him there, instead of making these "fake" upgrade versions ...

  33. Katze5 05. 02 2014

    Mod: Panien PW 18 10E
    The capacity is a little bit wrong.. It's set to 10000, but as it is a 18 m3 model (PW18) and as I remember, the density of Lime (kalk) is about 1,3 to 1,5 liters to a kilo (loose Weight) .. This Means, that this spreader holds between 12000 and 14000 kg. when fully loaded... It's easily corrected, and most people can do it themselves ..

    It's just an observation - I still love this beautiful spreader..

  34. Katze5 04. 02 2014

    Mod: Panien PW 18 10E
    As JohnDeere812 writes, you have to add "Guellemistkalk" mod to your map .. It has an excellent manual attached, that describes how to incorporate it in a map ..

    As for the "kalk.lua" in the "Panien PW 18 10E v 1.1 Kalk" mod script folder, I followed mngrazy proposals, and deleted the "kalk.lua" file ... It does not seem to have any influense on the mod - everything still works .. I think the only thing it does, is to add "kalk" to your game as a fruit .. It does not have to, if you got "Guellemistkalk" mod build onto your map already ..

  35. Katze5 04. 02 2014

    Mod: Panien PW 18 10E
    This is a really good mod (as usual from Luxfarm) And adds more realism to the game. The mod works flawless, is looking good, and is overall very recommendable.

    The people who give this a bad rate, are those who dont understand the koncept of liming, and/or need the skills to implement the guellemistkalk mod ..

    You know, envy is a bad thing ..

    So keep on modding - I got almost all Luxfarms mods in my modfolder, and they are among the most valued ...

  36. Katze5 11. 12 2013

    Mod: Placeable manure lager
    These .luc files are compiled lua code. Could be made this way, because he want to protect his Work.

    Try searching for .luc, and start reading (It's way over my head)

    And for those who can't make this buffer tank Work, it's because the unload text on the screen is wrong. It's not the Y key, but the Z key you have to press.

    Just tested it, and it Works even with the Guellepack.

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