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  1. RTR52 10. 04 2014

    Mod: Super Pack Lizard
    Thanks for sharing your work. The Lizard 2000 may not get use on the farm, but my grandson will have a blast driver that around. The 2850 and 7210 were always favorites of mine. I do prefer orange wheels on the 2850. With a few tweeks on the speed the 2850 and 7210 will be very useful on the farm.

  2. RTR52 18. 02 2014

    Mod: Podlasie 2.1
    This may be the problem. "Error: Invalid mod name 'Podlasiev2.1'! Characters allowed: (_, A-Z, a-z, 0-9). The first character must not be a digit" Got this from log.

  3. RTR52 17. 02 2014

    Mod: Podlasie 2.1
    Does not load in game. Doesn't show up to select map.

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  4. RTR52 02. 12 2013

    Mod: Pipaland new
    Great ideas. Flickering textures need work. Yard lights cause problems, make it difficult to to drive around yard, town and store. Thanks for sharing your map and machines.

  5. RTR52 02. 12 2013

    Mod: Fahr 67
    I fore got one of the best parts. This allows you to use a hired man to cut grass.

  6. RTR52 02. 12 2013

    Mod: Fahr 67
    Thanks so much for sharing your work. I like your idea. I to use a combine to cut grass. Thanks to you I now have a larger fleet. I have a Nivia combine that I can attach a Horal forage wagon and collect grass windrow or straw at the same time. Very handy for a single player like my self. As for the grass seed I add grass to the feeding troughs or "openShedTipTrigger", with GE. By the way the Nivia also collects chaff with the other trailers.

  7. RTR52 12. 11 2013

    Mod: Gaz 53 Pack
    AWESOME!! Been looking for an old farm truck and this one is perfect. Great work!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  8. RTR52 09. 11 2013

    Mod: John Deere 2850 Lizard
    Nice old tractor, runs well. Sure I'll find work for her. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  9. RTR52 03. 10 2013

    Mod: Nieciekawa
    GREAT map! Very nice work.

  10. RTR52 24. 06 2013

    Mod: Bolusowo
    Great small map! Having hours of fun farming! Did add a Futterlager, just something I like to have on the farm. Keep up the nice work! Thanks so much!

  11. RTR52 25. 05 2013

    Mod: Corn in rows
    SWEET!! GREAT WORK!!! Really looks real!

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  12. RTR52 21. 05 2013

    Mod: Schweinemast
    Have problem. Can't open p*ss I3D in GE. Imported Pig mod to map, now map does not load. Any help??

  13. RTR52 05. 05 2013

    Mod: Niva Pack
    GREAT mod!!! Works well. Corrected the UV error with this,,, Also increased the grain tank size, allows me to harvest and collect chaff from a medium size field with out stopping.

    Thanks much for the GREAT Mod!!

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