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V1.5 Ringwoods Map Completion large Update, 1.23gb reduced to 326Mb zip, Multiplayer YES. Map opimised via 2nd GE pass to reduce size. Ringwoods 1.5 is error free.

Just place this zip in your mods folder and load up a new game and select the Ringwoods V1.5 Map.

Starting equipment is basic but worth +999k if sold towards mods.

It would be a great help to others If you could comment on how this map performs with your PC system specs. This plays perfectly on our systems with settings set to HIGH and 2xAS , 2xAA enabled. Win7 64bit, 8gb Ram, Xeon quad core CPU's and Geforce 670 MSI graphics cards.

New for V1.5 you will need a compost trailer/shovels and a cattle transport trailer like the Joskin BetimaxRDS 750 to transport from the new areas to sell point's.

CMC Composting Plant. Plant owner pays at tip point.
Garden Center Compost sell point.
North farm Pig fattening.
South farm beef fattening.
North and South farm yard extensions for the above.
CMP Meats on Hangar Row in town purchase fattened cattle.
Manure pit loading conveyors.
Many area updates.
All reported issues fixed tested and working including the mixstation keybinding.
Updated prices and stats.
Updated PDA map with new areas.
Inter farm sales are now switched on so you can store at the Ringwoods Main silo the sell to the north or south farms when demand is high.
Building texture updates all over the map are finished.
All fields are empty now ready for planting.
More trees, shrubs and flowers planted in key areas. Trees texture have been freshly updated and all tree models replaced before upload.
Remove Haze and compost soil are incorperated into the map. Much much more but you'll not notice unless you look hard.
The south Forerstry area around the sawmill and lake hammers our graphics cards purely because there is so much going on in that area. No framerate drops just the fans really spin up there.

This is the completed map now although I'm not labelling it as final. Enjoy.

As always this map was designed to run on our PC's the spec's above and it does perfectly. However  I CAN NOT guarantee that it will run, perform and play as intended on your PC system but hopefully it will.

You are not allowed to modify and re-upload this map without my permission so please don't, make and edit your own maps and mods it's fun.
You can however use any part, model, texture including the trees for your own map and upload them with it. Thanks Stevie.


Original by Giant's, Marhu & Farmer_Andy's models and scripts, Andy1978, Wiznall, JHML and mod map by Stevie.


  • 19. Mai, 19:39 Uhr
    Version 1.81 Update Fixes

    Although the V1.81fix looks the same as 1.8 appart from the new fencing 2 good performance gains were had by removing the recieve shadow map from the 1000+ trees. Cast shadow is still active and so is collision annd the visual impact is minimal. The old fencing was replaced and also cast and recieve shadows is now off as it was a gain that had minimal impact visually and a good gain to be had. The new fencing also blends better with the map.
    The texture was fixed for all the buildings that used the Hangar diffuse.. Various other reported minor issues have also been fixed.

  • 15. Mai, 20:36 Uhr
    Version 1.8 Final Map Update

    New For V18MF

    This can be considered as the final version of the Ringwoods map although it will be maintained with future updates where needed.

    Field 11 layout area change presents a nice large square field now.

    After the field 11 area change a new area was created for th flour mill and it's tip point.

    Fields 14 and 15 were flipped and resized which now presents field 15 as the second largest field in the game. Fields 14 and 15 are split by a ploughable grass lane which if joined would create the largest field on the map. Roads and gated entrances were adjusted around this area.

    The Southfarm layout has been finished and includes a flat placeable area and storage sheds.

    The Northfarm layout has also been finished and now includes a small pond near the barn where you can back a water tanker in and fill like at the main farm.

    Silo's have all been updated with new signs and digital amount readouts.

    Tree collision is back on for all trees now.

    Ringwoods Mutifruit, now when I first implemented this I hated the way it looked so I set about changing it, you will see what I mean.

    Next came embedded fill plains and particles from the loading, unloading and fruit in trailers so all the fruits are correct and I did the compost soil as well so all trilers will so the correct load.

    The woods have increased tree density and have had more texture and ground work.

    The Cow Navmesh is fixed at the feeding trophs in the cowzone. Cows will no longer stand in the trophs or do handstands trying to get to the feed.

    Prices for pallet boards have been slightly decreased.

    A new Spinnery tip point has been added for the sale of cotton.

    Other tip points and sale points have had the new fruits added where needed.

    The garden centers yard has need enlarged near the compost sale point

    Chopped Straw is added to the map.

    Some of the auto gates have been adjusted where they hit the ground.

    Some of the fencing has been adjusted where it looked wrong.

    They PDA is adjusted, correct and the map is upto date with the new areas.

    Much more but you'll not notice and over the weeks I've forgot.

    Special thanks to bassaddict and Robbie for helping me out with my multifruit issues the other night on FS-UK.

    Thanks to upsidedown, Farmer_Andy and Marhu for creating simple easy to install and use scripts and mods for us to enjoy.
    V1.8MF END.




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V 1.81 Update Fixes
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  1. XJackyboyX 23. 06 2015

    mit der milch klappt es auch grade net ich habe kühe und milch is auch da nur ich kann die net entnehmen aus den tanke der molkmaschine auf der weide

  2. adonde 11. 06 2015

    Habe das Problem das ich beim Verkauf vom Salat nichts bekomme es erscheint auch kein Preis dafür

  3. doni53 28. 05 2015

    Schöne Map ,aber wie kann ich Sorghum und Cotton ernten ,mit Mähdrescher oder Häcksler funktioniert es nicht

    1 Antworten

  4. LS Heiner 23. 05 2015

    Finde die Map richtig Gut 5/5. Suche einen großen Tandem/Tridem Kipper für Compost.

  5. bouba74 20. 05 2015

    or you can load it please thank you milk

  6. ladebower2901 20. 05 2015

    map 5/5 aber wieder kein kalk


  7. maxl83 18. 05 2015

    Hab ja nicht gesagt dass es ne schlechte map ist, mich stört halt der zaun extrem. Außerdem hab ich noch nie Äcker gesehen die alle eingezäunt waren... außer Weiden und Salatäcker die sind doch meistens mit Drahtgitter eingezäunt. Die Äcker laufen doch e nicht weck :-)

    1 Antworten

  8. maxl83 17. 05 2015

    Map wäre toll wenn die Zäune der äcker nicht wären...

    1 Antworten

  9. Rickimann 17. 05 2015

    kann mich nachdem map start nicht bewegen . Modordner ist bis auf die map leer. kein absturz kann nur nichts öffnen oder laufen usw.

    1 Antworten

  10. Der Tom 17. 05 2015

    Sehr schöne Map, dankeschön dafür. Habe bloss das Problem,das die Gebäude der Schlachterei irgendwie durchsichtig sind. Sieht im vorbeifahren nicht wirklich schön aus. Gruss Tom.

    2 Antworten

  11. bloody ghost 17. 05 2015

    Nice map!!! ...5/5...

  12. Kirk 16. 05 2015

    Die Mods und Maps auf der Seite hhaben alle fehlerdie Dateien lassen sich nicht runterladen. Es kommt die Meldung Dateienn sind unvollständig oder beschädigt.

    1 Antworten

  13. ladebower2901 16. 05 2015


    die map ist der hammer funktioniert alles wunderbar 5/5
    vielleicht noch güllemistkalk einbauen


  14. RANCHER 16. 05 2015

    habe die map geladen und wollte sie spielen sie bringt nur Fehler man kann in kein Fahrzeug einsteigen nichts geht
    bitte nochmals überarbeiten ansonsten sie ja gut aus

    2 Antworten

  15. zsorra 15. 05 2015

    Agree to Leeroy1977, with the final version this is the best map out there for FS15.
    Big thanks.

  16. Awesome! Best Westbridge Hill Map i ever see and played :-)
    Greetings and a big Firework for this Final update.


  17. DasBaby88 11. 05 2015

    Hallo was muss ich alles machen um Salat anzubauen??? Da steht immer Diesel alle! :(

    1 Antworten

  18. bert1973 09. 05 2015

    the silo 3 and 4 are not good. i can not empty it

    1 Antworten

  19. Rocky66 06. 05 2015

    Ich finde sie gut aber wo kann ich Saatgut auftanken für Saatmaschiene

    1 Antworten

  20. bruder 06. 05 2015

    I have same problem as Spykey you cant save the game you cant go to settings you cant go to the shop with gamepad ther are a lot off problem whit the map.

    2 Antworten

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