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  1. aadje93 14. 04 2017

    Mod: XLFarms X1 Final Edition
    Very nice project for the new big bud DLC! Looking forward to your 4x map, but would like a more detailed main yard, and more detail on big cow/pig farming :)

  2. aadje93 10. 01 2017

    Mod: Bednar ProSeed 3
    Great seeder for "gps" seeding, but unfortunatly courseplay doesn't like it for some reason :(

  3. aadje93 05. 01 2017

    Mod: Doppel Silo
    not even worth 1 star, as you didnt include the walls, its only the collision/trigger masks.

  4. aadje93 17. 11 2016

    Mod: The Beast LS17
    was realy waiting for this mod, its litteraly my only option for chipping wood, the default transport-band based chippers just don't work good enough for me :)

  5. aadje93 12. 11 2016

    Mod: Auenbach LS17
    Amazing map FSM Team, realy going to enjoy this map for my SP playtime! Thanks alot for you'r great effort, and very fast work on this map!!

  6. aadje93 10. 11 2016

    Mod: Muzza der Karte
    are the silage silo's fixed? As you've made your own silo's for silage i hope they won't have the problem all other "default" silo's have.

  7. aadje93 09. 11 2016

    Mod: FlieglGreenLineTrailer
    what is the capacity?

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  8. aadje93 09. 11 2016

    Mod: Log Trailer Customizable
    Could you share the crane used in your video to :), i would realy like that model, seems to work great on loading the logs, the in-game clamps are a little to small for my liking

  9. aadje93 09. 11 2016

    Mod: Poettinger Euroboss 330T
    why convert it? we have a 330T in vanilla, and else you buy a bigger loader (the lely or terra vitesse)

  10. aadje93 09. 11 2016

    Mod: Ballengabeln mit Attacher
    next to autocombine and silo extension a must have mod!

  11. aadje93 07. 11 2016

    Mod: Canadian National Map
    Field 10 has a small pond in the northern area, please fix it in next release :)

  12. aadje93 06. 11 2016

    Mod: More Saplings
    Thanks for your work! Now we can plant the forests fast again (Still waiting for the multi planter attachment mod from FS15 :)

  13. aadje93 25. 02 2016

    Mod: John Deere 8430T
    Thanks! i didn't notice it right away, but i'm keeping the usa model, great tractor!

  14. aadje93 24. 02 2016

    Mod: Grenzland xxl
    How is it for me possible to enable automatic milk sale again? Courseplay doesn't like the way milk is handled so i want to automate the milk sale at midnight again if possible.

    Thanks :)

  15. aadje93 24. 02 2016

    Mod: John Deere 8430T
    what is the difference between european and US model?

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  16. aadje93 24. 02 2016

    Mod: Kuhstall
    or in english, its GE insert (but its easy to learn how to place items in GE!)

  17. aadje93 23. 02 2016

    Mod: Kuhstall
    can we install the mix feeder in this stable? (height) Alot of stables have a complex reeling system to support the roof, but it looks weird with mix feeder installed on it then (and i just love the mix feeder LOL)

  18. aadje93 22. 02 2016

    Mod: Grenzland xxl
    Its a great map, but unfortunatly the PDA is a little bit bugged, some selling point labels are waaaay to big on the large screen PDA (key 9)

    Also i would like to note i've done some small edit, i've removed the silage silo's near the dairy, and replaced it with a single big silageberg which fits very nicely on the plot thats left. Also i've removed the low silo's for grass further away from the dairy to line them up nicely, and made them grass only for fahrsilo extension.

    I love the feed mixer setup, both mixers are running strong to support my 5k cow farm :D, map is great with courseplay, but a fuel tank here and there would be nice (for instance near the milk storage trigger etc.)

  19. aadje93 01. 02 2015

    Mod: Kari beta
    Realy liking the idea of the mod, but i think all wood chipper should have a "closed" input transporting band like this: because alot of the log are more then double the transportband length, they will just go straight up due to the balance. With such a closed chipper they will be forced in, so you can easely chop 8.0 meter logs :)

  20. aadje93 13. 01 2015

    Mod: Ponsse CSAL Set
    Looks very nice, but needs some tweaking. But the idea is great. I love to use the jenz titan, but its a paint to use it with a shovel or something, this setup looks very fun, and its nice to mow down a forest this way :)

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  21. aadje93 10. 01 2015

    Mod: Fliegel Crusher :) (works great to chip whole trees, transport whole trees with a skidder (heck crane or skidder found here)

  22. aadje93 07. 01 2015

    Mod: Papenburger
    one of the best maps ever for FS series. Keep up your good work man! Hope its going to work great with courseplay now its finally release to the public :)

  23. aadje93 04. 01 2015

    Mod: Ammergauer Alpen
    Great map!. But i do have one question, where do i buy tree saplings to plant? Can't find the garden center to buy them. Your help is appreciated ;)

  24. aadje93 22. 11 2014

    How to use? What keys are edited from stock? keyboard still usable? Please give some more detail, then if its working good with 360 controller 5 stars :)

  25. aadje93 12. 11 2014

    Mod: Krone BigM500
    works "ok" but the physics need some fixing, its like a drifing car now...

  26. aadje93 12. 11 2014

    Mod: Krone BigM500
    mowing/grass equipment is never available to helpers, use courseplay when its officially released for FS15 :)

  27. aadje93 11. 11 2014

    Mod: Papenburger
    Realy lovely map, very big for SP, but i LOVE the BGA!!. Finally a map with BGA silo´s as they should be (seen alot of videos of bga's in germany, and all of them have silage bergs instead of drive thru silo's)

    We'll see how it goes managing this farm as singleplayer without courseplay :P

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  28. aadje93 10. 11 2014

    Mod: Auenbach
    Very nice singleplayer map! Thanks for your hard work, allready loving it for SP :)

  29. aadje93 08. 11 2014

    Mod: Westbridge Hills
    Keeps loading endless....

  30. aadje93 08. 11 2014

    Mod: Jenz Hem BACK
    Realy looking GREAT!!!. Now only thing missing is a manual ignition mod, so we can drop the logs on the cipper and dont need to switch to the tractor to get the chipper running. But the transport band is very good now its "full width". Realy looking forward to cut down some forest and chip it all :)

  31. aadje93 04. 11 2014

    The map looks great in the editor, but it's not showing up ingame. Looking like an ideal singleplayer map, only some minor things i noticed

    Delete the cowsilo, the BGA silo's can also be used for cow feed :).

    Also lower the woods a bit, maybe make a extra field of grass in the place.

  32. aadje93 03. 11 2014

    Mod: Jenz Holzhacker
    Dammn man, you made something giants should've made! Now its a h*ll of a lot easier to use the onboard crane to put in logs.

    One thing i noticed, the chipper won't accept logs when you put the bottom side in first (the thicker part) it will only transport/chip the logs with the thin side going forward (nothing bad, but better if it's fixable ;) Also the sides dont have collision, so the logs can just go through the sides (good thing is they wont go sideways while chipping like the vanilla chipper)

  33. aadje93 02. 11 2014

    Mod: Bjornholm
    Unfortunatly the files are "hidden" in the zip, so you need to rezip them not hidden else it wont even show up on FS, then it wont load either (dont know why, but people say modDesc.xml is missing)

    Please fix it, would love to try out your map with sheep/cows together instead of miles apart (which is weird....)

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  34. aadje93 07. 07 2014

    Mod: Big European Map
    Hi Tiago, one (small but maybe big) problem. When you reset a combine with its header, you cant get the header out of the shed. (12m claas header) Could you make the doors bigger? or replace the "reset" location with a "open" place

  35. aadje93 26. 01 2014

    Mod: HollandFarm
    Can you help me, where do i buy fields? I can't fiend field buy triggers on the fields.

  36. aadje93 23. 12 2013

    Mod: Norddeutschland Map
    I'm sorry i cant speak German, but could you upload the silage-berg you use in the BGA's. I tried exporting it, but when i import it on another map it gives me a error "giants editor has stopped working"(windows 7)

    The "silageberg" and "silagebergV2" hosted on modhoster dont work for me. I cant unload on them or i cant see them in the map.

  37. aadje93 07. 09 2013

    Mod: The Lake Map und Mods
    You need patch 2.0

    *i need 20 letters*

  38. aadje93 07. 09 2013

    Mod: The Lake Map und Mods
    Perfect map for singleplayer courseplay, i LOVE the pig zone!! You have done some awsome work on the pigzone and field 7. Finaly nice big wheat/canolla fields. And nice courseplay pig/sheep/cow farming. Also nice that you implemented the mixing station (i also have it as placeable mod, as i use the cat fleet 200k trailer its easy filled :P)

  39. aadje93 31. 08 2013

    Mod: My litle Country
    i posted an image for the correct setup for the wool collector. In your setup it will only collect 4 pallets (3 on the storage, 1 on the trigger) now it wil fill all the storage spots (and i made it little bit bigger inside the shed) hope you fix it in next release of the map. Keep up the good work. Perfect singleplayer map :)

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