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  1. Beunheas 19. 10 2016

    Mod: M&O Adapterrahmen Dreipunkt Fronthydraulik
    Your model has no Edge Split, and so it is not a nice looking model. Don't know if you used blender for the conversion, but if you do you might need to use the Edge Split function.

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  2. Beunheas 18. 09 2016

    Mod: New Holland T6.160 / 175 Blue Power Golden Jubilee
    The wheels and rims are from Bauer Hinmark ;)

  3. Beunheas 13. 09 2016

    Mod: John deere 7930
    What a bad excuse... there is no lagg on that mod. You say all the mods are lagging. THEY F-CKING DO NOT LAGG! IT IS JUST A STUPID EXCUSE FOR YOU TO UPLOAD YOUR F-CKED EDIT THAT IS COMPLETE *****!

    Get the f-ck out of here you stupid motherf-cker. F-cking little f@g.

  4. Beunheas 10. 09 2016

    Mod: John Deere 6930
    1. You are not allowed to upload edits without premission!
    2. No, they are not. Buy glasses stupid.
    3. I comment where I want and wenn I want. You need to get the h*ll out of here with your stolen mods. And learn english.

    4. FBM mods do not have framedrops, your pc just can't handle mods.

    Silly kid, go play with your lego... lol

  5. Beunheas 10. 09 2016

    Mod: John Deere 6930
    1. This is not your mod! It is from Sotillo and Forbidden Mod Team! You don't give their name in the credits. You don't have premission for uploading this on the internet. You didn't change anything to it, only a new numberplate.

    2. This model is not the model of a JD 6930... fail lol.

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  6. Beunheas 23. 08 2016

    Mod: Agpro Trailer Pack

    Es ist ein Chaos, ich würde lieber nicht hier hochladen. Aber dies ist die Website womit mann das größte Publikum erreichen.

  7. Beunheas 23. 08 2016

    Mod: Agpro Trailer Pack
    Can you send my a PM, maybe I can help you.

  8. Beunheas 23. 08 2016

    Mod: Agpro Trailer Pack
    Many different maps. If you want to know wich map I am using send the picture in a PM and ask wich map it is.

    Mod/map questions have nothing to with the mod.

  9. Beunheas 23. 08 2016

    Mod: Agpro Trailer Pack
    Bitte lesen Sie die Kommentarregeln. Modfragen via PM bitte.

  10. Beunheas 22. 08 2016

    Mod: Agpro Trailer Pack
    Oef, am morgen soll ich die fixversion v1.1 hochladen. Dann soll er dedi ready sein.

    Danke für die meldung.

  11. Beunheas 22. 08 2016

    Mod: Agpro Trailer Pack
    Es gibt kein autoload. Su er laedt alle Ballenarten.

  12. Beunheas 21. 08 2016

    Mod: MAN A Helmer B.V.
    Wir arbeiten nur an das Pack, wenn es klar ist kommt es auf Modhoster.

  13. Beunheas 21. 08 2016

    Mod: MAN A Helmer B.V.
    Wir sollen am ersten alle fehler diesem LKW werfenden.

  14. Beunheas 21. 08 2016

    Mod: MAN A Helmer B.V.
    Wir arbeiten an einer Packung mit mehr LKW und Anhänger. Sehen Sie es hier:

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  15. Beunheas 11. 08 2016

    Mod: D-Tec + Container
    Es ist offensichtlich, dass die mod einfach gestohlen wird. Ich weiß nicht, wo Sie denken, ich nörgeln , weil die Beweise nur in der 112TEC Post ist . Eastside zeigt keinen Respekt , das tue ich nicht . Klar.

    Ich überhaupt nicht, warum Sie noch in Ihrem Kopf bekommen Mods von anderen Menschen unter Ihrem eigenen Namen zu verbringen. Disrespectful und kindisch.

    Sie begrüßen Toody auch im Dream Team , das immer bei mir geht Gezeter , wenn ich Kommentar zu einem gestohlenen mod geben . Cozy Team wir sind.

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  16. Beunheas 11. 08 2016

    Mod: D-Tec + Container
    EastSide_Modding? Du bist ja EastSide_Klauten. Klauten ist nicht modden!

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  17. Beunheas 01. 06 2016

    Mod: John Deere 7530/7430
    it is, and So englich and German... When someone uploads he has to put a german and a english description.

    Think about that...

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  18. Beunheas 31. 05 2016

    Mod: VREDO VT 4546
    Do not upload stuff that isn't yours!

    Model: SmetyJ, former members.
    Textures: SmetyJ, Former member.
    Ingame: SmetyJ
    Parts: Bayer bua, Sanderrr, and Beunheas (me)

    Please remove this mod.

  19. Beunheas 30. 05 2016

    Mod: John Deere 690 & Krone BigPack 120-80
    Awesome! Great model and textures! Nice details and good working machine!
    Super job Mythos! One of the best balers for 2015!

  20. Beunheas 29. 05 2016

    Mod: Class Lexion 780
    No it is from SFM modding, but if you read the credits you would have know that.

  21. Beunheas 27. 05 2016

    Mod: Claas Lexion Australian Prototyp 10X80
    This mod is from SFM Modding, lol...

  22. Beunheas 26. 05 2016

    Mod: John Deere 9560 RX Final
    Cabin, bonet: AGO Modding
    Base: Giants Software.
    Others: Giants Software
    Texture: AGO Modding
    Ingame: Giants and a bit editted by BlueSky.

  23. Beunheas 23. 05 2016

    Mod: FENDT Gewicht
    Kannst du die richtige Credits bitte brauchen?

  24. Beunheas 23. 05 2016

    Mod: Neues Update !!!
    Sie sind willkommen :D

  25. Beunheas 16. 05 2016

    Mod: Im Norden Deutschlands
    Nice work! Map looks really good! Nice job, keep on the good work!

  26. Beunheas 16. 05 2016

    Mod: Massey Ferguson 698
    Do you have premision? Where are the credits for the parts you added?

  27. Beunheas 16. 05 2016

    Mod: Massey Ferguson 8737
    This is just the mod from Agro Sketch for the 2015 Modcontest! Why the h*ll would you upload others work here, without even putting them in the credits!!?

    Can someone finally explain me why the h*ll people are doing this dumb sh*t?

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  28. Beunheas 14. 05 2016

    Mod: Strautmann Tera-Vitesse CFS4601 Tridem-Version
    Hahaha, nice to see you use the real life picture of my combination. That photo was shot near by us. I know it is from google, but still nice to see :)

  29. Beunheas 08. 05 2016

    Please comment in English for support!

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  30. Beunheas 07. 05 2016

    Mod: Steyr CVT 6195
    I comment on mods which are remarkable, sometimes they are remarkably good. but most of the time they are remarkably bad, like reskins or edits. I also comment on mods whoch are stolen, like this one. 60% of the mods uploaded nowadays on modhoster are stolen and the people are just getting h-rny about the fact that they make money with others work, respecless. So is this mod too... just a stolen edit.

    And yes it is hard to get famous in the world of modding, but are making mods for the fame? And also, I don't think that editting a mod is modding, everyone can do it so it is not special and you can't get a (good) reputation with it.

    But I'll be honest, I'm very negative. I hope people learn something. But modhoster is screwed up, it is more like a edithoster or a stolenmodhoster.

    I've someone has an question about my opinion, you can send my a PM in english in normal words without wishing me de@d.

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