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  1. cwattyeso 29. 06 2019

    Mod: Mischfutterherstellung
    Okay well I guess I'll do a little bit a tinkering and edit that change back for my own personal use. I kinda liked being able to use the productions as storage silos for the excess material that hadn't been converted yet. I just need to turn autostart back to false in the xml and add all the filltypes back to that line in the load trigger section.

  2. cwattyeso 28. 06 2019

    Mod: Mischfutterherstellung
    Quick question Farmer_Schubi before I download this update and some of the others. I recently updated to the versions of your Fertiliser Production, Seed Production and Silage Production and notice now when we go to empty the silo we can only retrieve the end product. So for example the Seed Station gives us Seeds, but if we want to remove the Crops or Fertiliser it doesn't let us anymore. Is that the same for your updated TMR and other Buildings you have updated today?

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  3. cwattyeso 22. 05 2019

    Mod: Porta Westfalica
    Noticed on the map today when I loaded it up one of the Green Doors on the shed near the farmhouse is not attached to the shed, but floating in front of it. Also on the root crop storage building you can't open the doors at either end to get to the unload and fill point, so no way to store your potatoes/ sugar beet etc.

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