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  1. FS_noob 01. 09 2017

    Mod: Same Fortis Forestry Edition
    Thank you for pointing this out, I somehow managed to remove the MP tag from the modDesc.xml during editing.
    It is now fixed, please accept a free fire extinguisher (worth €19.99!) with my apologies :-)

  2. FS_noob 25. 08 2017

    Mod: Same Fortis Forestry Edition
    Hello, the trailer uses the 3d model from a FS15 mod that I converted which is not mine, so I don't know if I am allowed to publish it.

  3. FS_noob 04. 01 2016

    Mod: FDR Protokollierung
    I think this should be clasified under "Maps"?

  4. FS_noob 27. 09 2015

    Mod: Lakeside Farm
    It's a great map with lots to do, my only problem is that the silage dump trigger at the BGA plant is tiny and the tractors usually miss it when using Courseplay. If you could enlarge this it would help a lot with automation.

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