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LS 15 : Farmerland v 1.0 [mp]

Farmerland--2 Farmerland Mod
Hello everyone.   Here is my 2nd folder I created. This directory offers many possibilities to play the game, There is a large farm sheds for machinery, A large contractor with feed store mix station...
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LS 15 : Limburg v 1.0 beta [mp]

Limburg Limburg Mod
Hello Everyone,   Here i present a new map. This map is based on Limburg en has nice surroundings. There is a lot to do/find in the map.   This is a BETA Version so there can be minor problems...
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LS 15 : Doospel v 1.0 [mp]

Doospel-ls15 Doospel Mod
Hello everybody   Here's for everyone Doospel_LS15   Doospel LS15 is a fictive map, Four times larger than a normal map. Beginning as a cottier and make an try to become a gentleman farmer. Because...
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LS 15 : Maize Textuur v 1.0 [sp]

Fs15-maize-textuur Maize Textuur Mod
here is for everyone a new corn textuurinstall:"map/textures/foliage",
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LS 15 : rotunda board v 1.0 [sp]

Rotunda_board rotunda board Objekt
This item has to be imported with Giants Editor  
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LS 15 : BigFarm v 1.2 Multifruit [mp]

Bigfarm BigFarm Mod
Hello,   Here i present my new map BigFarm. I build this map without google or photos. I build the map pure for courseplay, so who is a fan of courseplay this map is pure build for this :)  Also...
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LS 15 : Grass Texture v 1.0 [sp]

Grass-texture--7 Grass Texture Mod
Installation:   Kopieren Sie auf Ihre Karte / Laub   Autor: Richard (ls nächsten Generation)  
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Empfehlung: LS 15 : Nord Brabant v 1.4 [mp]

North-brabant-edition-final-multifruit Nord Brabant Mod
Hello everyone,   Here i present my last and Final version of the North Brabant Map v1.4 Final. The map has now Multifruit, You can harvest and seed this with the standard combines and seeders. The...
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LS 15 : Friesland v 1.2 [mp]

Friesland--2 Friesland Mod
Hello all,   Here i present to everyone the Friesland map. The map is build with photos i found on google and i used google earth. The map is very good to play Multiplayer, also a nice map for Singelplayer...
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LS 15 : BritishFarmStyle v 1.0 [mp]

Britishfarmstyle BritishFarmStyle Mod
Hello,    Here i present my british map to all of you.   New in the: Pda got icons on it. fields are already in your possession. new textures.   What can you find in the map;   Farm  village...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : North Brabant with Kalk v 2.5 SoilMod ChoppedStraw [mp]

North-brabant-with-kalk North Brabant with Kalk Mod
Here is my latest version of the map Noord-Brabant,De map is based on the Netherlands.  I build the map with pictures from Google and my own ideas.    I hope you all like the map and will enjoy it...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Netherlands Special 2014 v 1.2 SoilMod ChoppedStraw [mp]

Netherlands-special-2014--2 Netherlands Special 2014 Mod
Hello everyone,   Here is for all of you the Netherlands special 2014 map. This is my last map for farming simulator 2013, en i will continue for farming simulator 15. This map is based on the Netherlands...
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LS 2013 : Green River v 1.1 [mp]

Green-river-map Green River Mod
Welcome to the Green River Map.  This is my second map that i have made for Farming Simulator 2013.  Here you can be a Farmer who will be able to seed and harvest more than 60 fields! Or you can go...
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LS 2013 : My First Map v 2.0 [mp]

My-first-map--2 My First Map Mod
Here is my first Map ever made!  I Hope you al will enjoy it.  In particular I want to thank Mike who took all the time to teach me how to make a map.    What can you find in my map.    Main Farm...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Agrocom Forest v 4.1 [mp]

Agrocom-forest--2 Agrocom Forest Mod
Hi all,    Here is my new version of the Agrocom Map.  The map is Forstmod ready en there are really nice surrounding with, Trees and hill side view!  Also there is plenty of space for the Agriculture...
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LS 2013 : BRITISH FARM STYLE v 1.0 NG ModTeam [sp]

British-farm-style-map-mania BRITISH FARM STYLE Mod
Hello,Here i present my first british map to all of you. The map is based in the landscapes from England.So it based on England but i used my imagination and creativity to create this map.And i have...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Ls NextGeneration v 1.0 [mp]

Ls-nextgeneration Ls NextGeneration Mod
Hi everyone,    Here is my new map for everyone the LS-NextGeneration Map V1.  A lot of people will recognize the map from farming simulator 2011 only the name whas different; HollandFarm, I have...
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LS 2013 : Salvage Vehicles v 1.0 LS NG ModTeam [sp]

Salvage-vehicles Salvage Vehicles Objekt
this storage must import be Giant Editor.   There are four inputs.   If you have comments, we love to hear this   -- Hinweis: Das Verzeichnis kann auf anderen Websites verwendet werden, aber mit...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Nederland v 3.4 LS NG ModTeam [mp]

Nederland--3 Nederland Mod
Here is the Nederland v3.4final this is the last version i have done with this map. I have changed a lot of the map, you are now able to use hired worker in the map becausse i have removed a lot of...
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LS 2013 : HollandFarm v 4.0 LS NG ModTeam [mp]

Hollandfarm--2 HollandFarm Mod
Here is for everyone the hollandfarm v4 map. I have build the map from a empty start map. Ik have already built a hollandfarm map for fs2011 this one for fs2013 is a totaly new map and has nothing...
  1. Mod: Farmerland
    Gehen Sie stehen gegen den Zaun, und drücken Sie die O-Taste

  2. Mod: Limburg
    thanks for the compliment

  3. Mod: Limburg
    vergessen, die Verkaufsfelder anpassen. Ich werde dies auf die nächste Version zu nehmen. es ist immer noch eine Beta-Version.

  4. Mod: Schafstall
    Dank für den Schafstall

  5. Mod: My First Map
    nice folder to play it
    courseplay ready

  6. Mod: New sound
    vielen Dank für die Klang

  7. Mod: rotunda board
    Thanks description is adapted

  8. Mod: BigFarm
    new version is uploaded

  9. Mod: BigFarm
    the reports from landwirt30
    his no errors. can not hurt this you see only in the Dedicated servers.
    the Thumbs have I out the file removed
    the other can no evil

  10. Mod: BigFarm
    Ich arbeite dran.

  11. Mod: Sonnenblumen
    schön gemacht, die Textur sieht gut aus 8 Sternen

  12. Mod: Nord Brabant
    vielen Dank für Ihre Komplimente.
    Ich bin mit ein neue kaart beschäftigt.
    ein niederländisches

  13. Mod: BigFarm
    die Hühner Sie laden können, im Stall am Gate

  14. Mod: Nord Brabant
    Download die AnimationMapTrigger vor die Häfen und Zäune

  15. Mod: Nord Brabant
    die Hühner kann man bei Lidl verkaufen

  16. Mod: Nord Brabant
    hallo Runkel

    können Sie den ändern in der. scripts/chickenHusbandry.xml <price>120</price>

  17. Mod: Nord Brabant
    verwenden Sie den Patch 1.2

    Grafikkarte Aktualisierung und deine Computer
    nur versuchen, den Ordner in Ihrem Ordner mods ohne andere Mods setzen

    Ausflüchte vor meine Deutsch

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  18. Mod: BigFarm
    verwenden Sie den Patch 1.2

    Grafikkarte Aktualisierung und deine Computer
    nur versuchen, den Ordner in Ihrem Ordner mods ohne andere Mods setzen

    Ausflüchte vor meine Deutsch

  19. Mod: Nord Brabant
    Ausflüchte vor die links

    Aktualisieren der Verknüpfungen

  20. Mod: BigFarm
    Ausflüchte für meine Deutsch

    Vielen Dank für Ihren Bericht,
    es kommt eine Neufassung v1.2
    mit multifruit

  21. Mod: Friesland
    hallo jeder

    meine Ausflüchte für meine
    die links in die Beschreibung funktionieren nicht. ich können hier nichts zu tun,

  22. Mod: BigFarm
    Ich verstehe nicht, warum die Links nicht funktionieren

  23. Mod: BigFarm

    Sorry für mein Deutsch

    ärgerlich dieses problem. der map ist 40 Stunden getestet
    Sie haben Ihre Grafikkarte aktualisiert.
    Es ist auch wichtig um Ihren pc oder Laptop zu aktualisieren

  24. Mod: BigFarm
    I have on you message answered

  25. Mod: BigFarm
    meine Ausflüchte vor die Beschreibung.
    ich bin , um herauszufinden, mit der Beschreibung

  26. Mod: Grimme Set
    Great mod! Only i got some warnings in the log from the dirt.png i changed the path in the VehicleShaderDirt.xml and now the log is clean :D Many thanks for the mod and its very nice animated. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Mod: North Brabant
    Laden des Spiels kann es länger dauern dieses Problem
    its gaints software es gibt keine Probleme mit die map

  28. Mod: North Brabant
    open gaints editor 6.0.2 ändern Sie den trigger van Dünger
    auf kalk und bereit

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  29. Mod: North Brabant
    Hallo Patrick-90

    Verkauf die Bäume zusätzlich zu Feld 35


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  30. Mod: Nederland
    Hi there is a new version where it is fixt :)

  31. Mod: Forgotten Plants Maize
    Dank für die maize Textur.

  32. Mod: Nederland
    See following message from fs-uk.

    There is a bug where it takes a good spell for mod maps to load in FS 15. Both of these maps did take a very long time to open (about 3 to 5 mins for me). But there are no log errors and they all work. I suspect that loading of mod maps will be addressed in the next update for FS 15 by Giants.

  33. Mod: Nederland
    You cant give the cows water. Water mod is not included

  34. Mod: Netherlands Special
    Hi Lecra,

    Thanks for your reaction.

    First of all we do not want to release the map in order to be fast and be recognized for our work!

    We want to give good maps that are error free. If there is a problem we will try to fix this!

    We test the maps in SP and MP.
    No we do not have a Dedicated server so we do not test on this servers.

    If there are errors in Dedicated servers please contact us by a personal message and add a link to your Log File.
    Then together we can figure out the problem and solved it for the next version of the map.

    And yes we Do appreciate feedback and help!

  35. Mod: Netherlands Special
    Yes the map is working see FS-UK the Map is rated Gold. But the loading time is dependent on your computer specs.
    On my computer it takes about 1 minute to load but by other team members it takes 6 minutes.

  36. Mod: Netherlands Special
    Hi Madmex, Thanks for the respons.

  37. Mod: Netherlands Special
    Hi Lecra,

    The map is clean! The og is error free see FS-UK,

  38. Mod: Netherlands Special
    Hi MadMex, More Pictures will be online soon! You can download the map and take a look yourself that will give you best best impression.

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