2011 ford F550 flatbed

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What’s up YouTube! Today I have my first fs15 mod release. Today I’m am releasing my 2011 ford F550 flatbed V1.0. But I do have a few rules and favors if you want more mods from me
1. Please ask me if you want to rerelease my mods for any reason (I will allow you to share with your friends but not via mod sites)
2. Feel free to edit and change the mods to your liking but please fallow rule 1
3.  If you find a problem or bug please tell me so I can fix it in a new version

V1.0 features:
1.Front, side and back work lights
2.Working white and yellow light bar
3.LED brake, tail, turn signals, and reverse lights on the flatbed
4.Black plastic or chrome grill and bumper (GE)
5.Removable salt spreader (GE)
6.Bumper and gooseneck trailer hitches
7.Plow mount to attach working snow plow

V1.1 or higher planed features
1.Color selectable
2.Make salt spreader a entirely new mod separate form truck (like AR mods)
3.More versions of the truck

I’ll release it for fs17 later after I get it working later.

But feel free to download and have fun with your new truck! Hope you enjoyed.





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Hashtag: 9119773b57352e63500974f1feb5fee4
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20.02 2017
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V 1
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