AGCO Gleaner S98

V 1.0.4 Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 19

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FS19: AGCO Gleaner S98 

Version: 1.0.4

Date: 05/31/2019

Author: FarmSimSteve


Here is my completely revamped Gleaner S98 for FS19. This mod was 

originally introduced in FS17 with basic functionality. Several of

you asked if I would convert this over and update it for 19. There

were lots of issues that have been resolved or completely replaced 

for FS19. It has a new UDIM cab, lights, wheel selections, and

updated effects, and more. See the details section below for a 

complete list.


If you enjoy this mod or any of my others, you can follow my FS 

work and stay updated by subscribing to my youtube channel.


Happy harvesting, FarmSimSteve



 * Price: 350k

 * HP: 471

 * Capacity: 24590

 * Fuel: 460 

 * All new UDIM Cab

 * Dynaflex Header Price: 60k with new smoke animation

 * Command Series Corn Header Price: 45k with new smoke animation

 * You can use Capello with silver color for corn too but Command Series recommended

 * New folding animation to include ladder

 * FS19 Customizable Wheels: Tracks, Single, Broad, Duals

 * Fixed rear rim hub caps bouncing around in rim

 * FS19 Lights and turn signals

 * New Gleaner logo on front of cab

 * Updated player arm and foot brake animations

 * New indoor console, huds, dashboard, animations/lights

 * Shadowbox added to indoor camera

 * New sounds and updated to include load

 * Working mirrors outside/inside

 * Adjusted mass and fill volumes

 * Hopper auger is now on the right as in real life

 * Updated straw and chopper effects

 * Hides spreaders now when straw path is enabled

 * Foliage bending on combine and headers

 * New trailer hitch

 * New store images

 * Gets Dirty 

 * Clean log


V1.0.1 Update

 * Changed capacity to maintain combine to Double Hopper ratio

 * Added Dahl Motorsports & Farms logo

 * Fixed Header down limit from lowering far enough to lift the combine. 

 * Fixed header up limit to keep header from getting into the cab when raised




 * Changed feederhouse start location so it Defaults to being raised. 

 * Corrected unloader rotation and stopping location




 *Added Diesel & Def capacity to the store

 *Slowed unloader swing speed more realistic




*added fuel to hud

*added in the MacDon FD75 40' by Julian11 cause the DynaFlex has some issues when it got some wear. 




FS19: FarmSimSteve

Specs and Testing: William Dahl at Dahl Motorsports & Farms

FS17: fsasmc



FS19: FarmSimSteve

Specs and Testing: William Dahl at Dahl Motorsports & Farms

FS17: fsasmc


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    Version 1.0.4


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