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Welcome to Holmewold Farm 22.
- A 4x map exactly replicating a picturesque area of the Yorkshire Wolds (England) using satellite imagery and real terrain elevation data.
- 133 fields spanning almost 2500 acres (1000ha); all have contracts enabled
- Wide range of field sizes from 1 or 2 acres all the way upto the largest at 70 acres
- Realistic 2 metre margins on all fields
- True-to-life replication of field layouts, buildings and yard arrangements
- 6 large farm yards all with built-in workshop triggers and diesel tanks (some with built-in grain storage facilities or silage bunkers where appropriate). Further outbuildings dotted across the map
- Custom built-in livestock pens for sheep, pigs and cattle
- 4 sell points
- Custom ground, crop and grass textures
- Animated gates and shed doors
- Fully seasons compatible
The map's size and abundance of yards lends itself well to multiplayer gameplay. Please bear in mind this map is equivalent to 4 regular maps stitched together and hence will require more computational power than a standard map.
I hope you enjoy farming in God's own county.
Converter notes:
All done as best as possible
Any bugs please message MARVVV #1629 on discord, hope you enjoy




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