TA2013 Farm

V 2.5 Mod für Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013

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TA2013 Farm V2.5

Is the original map with the BGA cow pasture and sheep grazing on the farm!

The BGA plans Cows / Chickens / Sheep are all around the main farm i have even added Pigs to the  mainfarm and even move the farm shop closer and made a  area for you to put down your greenhouses with a selling point there.

Hope you enjoy i have spent a very long time editing this map and placing objects down one by one to make it feel as realistic as possible

Change log in V2.5

1. Made speed bumps go all the way down the road where the butcher house is

2. Added a garden centre

3. Updated PDA to new map and made it in english

4. Put fences around the butcher house and a gate

5. Replace all buildings which doesn't have textures

6. Added a Food mixing machine next to the Cows

7. Fix not being able to pick up the pigs to sell

I have made some terrain edits so you will have to start a new save data to see the changes if you do not want to start a new save data and do not care if you do not see the terrain edits then rename the map to V2 and not V2_5 and you should be fine to carry on with your old save game




Hyper3007 Bigtony big thanks to Funky And NL Modding Team


  • 15. August, 17:18 Uhr
    Version 2.5



Hashtag: c596e16c032b302219e00ce4a92a491a
Version: 2.5
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Autor: ModMafia
Preis im Shop: 14500 LS
Name im Shop: Betaillere Joskin
Beschreibung im Shop: Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500
Ebenerdiger" verzinkter Viehtransporter RDS 7500
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edit by Bandit
Hashtag: c596e16c032b302219e00ce4a92a491a
Version: 2.5
Multiplayerfähig? nein
Autor: GIANTS Software GmbH
Preis im Shop: 296000 LS
Name im Shop: Cat 966G
Beschreibung im Shop: Silage ins BGA fahren. Silage oder Mist auf einem trailer kippen. Sehr gut um einen Silo fest zu fahren. Schaufel nimmt 100000 auf. Reskin b

15.08 2013
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V 2.5
Landwirtschafts Simulator 2013
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  1. JameZz 15. 08 2013

    Pretty Good Map at all.
    But there are some trees and fences too near to the field.

  2. hephep 15. 08 2013

    you Bruder Bonivatius , is a real SOB .

    Not all mods/maps are all the same high end, and thank god for that, the modder Hyper3007 uses hour after hour to make his version of a map, and you should be happy that people share there Work, and not keep them all as private .

    So show some respect .

    Thanks for the map Hyper3007 .