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  1. fa285634 21. 01 2017

    Mod: Vss Front Cultivator
    the cultivator has 5 meters work width

  2. fa285634 17. 01 2017

    Mod: Blinker HUD
    Can be done with standard gamefunctions aswell, no need for a scripts.

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  3. fa285634 26. 12 2016

    Mod: Claas Cargos 700 Pack
    nice pack, just a slight spelling problem with, in the i3d its with a lower case so the game doesnt find it ( log error )

  4. fa285634 02. 07 2016

    Mod: FarmingTablet mit Apps
    its listed wrong on your info page here, your listing under ctrl-Y when in the mod its still <input name="FTopen1" category="ONFOOT" key1="KEY_lctrl" key2="" button="" device="0" mouse="" />
    <input name="FTopen2" category="ONFOOT" key1="KEY_z" key2="" button="" device="0" mouse="" /> so Left_ctrl Z

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  5. fa285634 08. 05 2016

    Mod: MAN TSG 10x8 manure.
    can this version load form conveyor belts ? the older didnt.

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  6. fa285634 20. 12 2015

    Mod: ModmanagerPro
    the folder issue from gonomy might be fixed with the simple mklink command towards the folders

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  7. fa285634 06. 10 2015

    Mod: Berechnungshilfe für den Soilmod
    theres always google sheets, that can import the xls

  8. fa285634 06. 10 2015

    Mod: Porta Westfalica
    did u up the ground under the free BGA ? courseplay is having issues there because of the massive gap beneath it

  9. fa285634 17. 08 2015

    Mod: Seed Storage Seed2 filltype
    placable item ingame @ Bigfarmer89

  10. fa285634 16. 08 2015

    Mod: Seed Storage Seed2 filltype
    yeah made sure uw are listed t0xic0m, changed it cause there was a storage problem on a map in multiplayer with the build-in storage unit. Hope u dont mind :)

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  11. fa285634 04. 08 2015

    Mod: BigFarm15
    Also need to give the player a start field , not everyone has the bank mods etc Joa

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