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  1. LS09God 18. 08 2019

    Mod: Vereinfachte Steuerung
    Der Kamerafehler tritt beim Standard-Pickup truck auf. Keine Ahnung von anderen Fahrzeugen. Betroffen sind auch die modifizierten Pickup trucks.

  2. LS09God 16. 08 2019

    Mod: Vereinfachte Steuerung
    Sehr gut gemachter Script-Mod. Aber die Kamera in einigen Fahrzeugen schaut nach unten und bleibt unten.
    Möchte ein Update bezüglich der Kamera. Weil alle anderen Funktionen cool sind. Vor allem mit einer DSD-Buttonbox.

  3. LS09God 18. 05 2019

    Mod: Besserer Sound
    Multiplayer ist nicht mehr möglich. Originaldatei geändert.

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  4. LS09God 17. 03 2019

    Mod: Buy All Fruits Silo
    Danke für dieses Silo. Schön gemacht und funktioniert.

  5. LS09God 01. 01 2019

    Mod: Ford 40er Serie
    Mod is log free??? Is there no log??? lol
    Log is error free, is probably what you mean.
    Anyway, thanks for this and happy new year......

  6. LS09God 07. 12 2018

    Mod: Felsbrunn Mod
    Unable to grow anything on this map. Why???
    Can seed and do other crop stuff. But it won't come up.

  7. LS09God 21. 07 2018

    Mod: Control Remove Samsung
    As the title implies, when using the remote in your map, you should remove or change the Samsung brand logo from the texture files. Getting the map to console will be difficult when you leave it there. Sony and /or Microsoft are not gonna approve active branding.

  8. LS09God 11. 12 2017

    Mod: New Holland Full Pack
    Not picking this one up. Nothing in the description tels me to do so. Three T7's, are they all the same or what?
    Also, some pictures would be nice to, not just one.

  9. LS09God 08. 07 2017

    Mod: JOHN DEERE 6820
    Really, what's up with the matt paint scheme I see popping up these days? Tractors are glossy when they're bought new at the store. Tractor manufacturers make their product nice in general. Helps to sell the d*mn things. And no farmer is going to wrap the tractor. Don't get it....

  10. LS09God 12. 06 2017

    Mod: Agromehanika Atomizer AGP 500
    This isn't a fertilizer sprayer, nor are all the other ones in the game. It's a crop insecticide sprayer for killing bugs. This one is for fruit trees, like apple and pear. The boomed ones are for grains and wheats.
    But the game sees them as fertilizer sprayers. It's been that way sinds LS08....

  11. LS09God 19. 03 2017

    Mod: Fuel Usage Display
    Since today the mod made my FPS go to crawling speed.
    Yesterday I was playing @60fps, now it's like @12/20 fps. Took the mod out and all is well again. Needs a look over...

  12. LS09God 17. 02 2017

    Mod: Goldcrest Valley XXL Hof
    Omg, who is the farmer trying to keep out? King Kong?
    Those yard doors are huge... lol
    Overall, cool map. Thanks for it....

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  13. LS09God 12. 02 2017

    Mod: Blinker HUD
    But why are there two 1+mb image files in the mod, they're not related to the mod. Kick them out of the zip before using the mod.

  14. LS09God 12. 02 2017

    Mod: Blinker HUD
    You can not. You need the script to do that.
    Sorry but you have to bite through

  15. LS09God 12. 02 2017

    Mod: Blinker HUD
    I fail to see how? There is now hud option for it in the game menu. Please explain....

  16. LS09God 25. 12 2016

    Mod: Flutlicht
    Is it maybe possible to get the trigger that is in the mod working again. It has only day/night cycle, provided trigger is not working... And way are there two lights in there?

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  17. LS09God 23. 12 2016

    Mod: Platzierbares Holzlager Set LS17
    Unable to sell through the garage menu. Had to delete it from the vehicle.xml to delete it from the map. No log failures though. Otherwise handy tool for temporarily storing logs.

  18. LS09God 21. 12 2016

    Mod: Wasserpumpstation
    Almost right, don't edit the "waterFillTrigger"
    Take the root transform group called "waterPumpStation" and in the user attributes window you see triggerIndex with the float 1. If you see that you're at the right spot. At the "add new attribute" type in "priceScale" without the quotes. Then choose "float" add the type box and click the add button. Now you see under the triggerIndex the priceScale with a 0. Leave the zero there and save. Done, free water.....

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  19. LS09God 04. 12 2016

    Mod: FENDT 1000 VARIO
    Best mod ever, but....
    After recalculating the torquescale in the xml file, i've come to the conclusion that the tractor has more hp then advertised.
    The 1050 has an incredible 928.99 hp, that's not realistic in my opinion. The xml file should have 2.2 torquescale instead.
    500*0.0044=2.2 instead of 928*0.0044=4.08.
    But it's a cool mod, working well. Thanks....

  20. LS09God 29. 11 2016

    Mod: Torchwood_Radio_69_Map
    This is an Volksvalley edit. I opened both maps at the same time and they are one and the same, apart from the changes you lads made. The shop even has the same translation coördinates, so does the farm silo and the water tower with the fill triggers nearby to.
    So do not state that you guys made the map by yourself from scratch. You didn't, you only placed ans moved a few things and altered the terrain a bit. It's an Volksvalley edit, period.
    Biface is the creator of the Goldcrest edit where this abomination is based on.

  21. LS09God 28. 11 2016

    Mod: Start Map 4x with Extra Foliage Layers
    Which are???? Never downloaded the map from NLDFarmers. It should be in the description.

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  22. LS09God 20. 11 2016

    Mod: Goldcrest Valley Alx
    Cranes at grain stations are broken??? In GE there on the ground, like there fallen out of the crane. The cables are gone to. Please fix...

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  23. LS09God 16. 11 2016

    Mod: Treibhaus (Hanf)
    It's a placeable. Meaning it needs the moddesc and other lua,xml files to work. Just putting it on the map with GE will not work.

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  24. LS09God 13. 11 2016

    Mod: noCollisionCamera
    No clue on how it works. But it works. I've swapped it for this noCollisionCamera mod that stopped working after the 1.3 update. I'm glad the one on modhub powered by Giants is working.

  25. LS09God 13. 11 2016

    Mod: noCollisionCamera
    Stopped working after 1.3. update.

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