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  1. Gladicus 21. 07 2017

    Mod: Fact Sheet Software
    Thank you , very nice work.

  2. Gladicus 01. 04 2017

    You have stolen this map you are not the author, you give no credit at all to the original author, it's people like you that make the best modders stop modding.

  3. Gladicus 10. 12 2016

    Mod: Joskin wago Loader 10m/8m autoloader
    Press x to set work position, z for type of load ( pallets, square bales, round bales) , drive close and will pick up bales, to unload use the B key to position where you want to unload, then press Y key to unload.

  4. Gladicus 19. 11 2016

    Mod: Sign-Pack
    Thanks, really usefull

  5. Gladicus 10. 09 2015

    Mod: Magirus 200D26 Kipper Pack 1964
    Really, really nice mod well done and thank you.

  6. Gladicus 10. 12 2014

    Mod: Bjorn Land
    can i copy my savegame over to the new map from v2 and if so, how.

    Great map v2 was good so hoping v3 even better

  7. Gladicus 09. 12 2014

    Mod: Weihnachtsbaum
    Well done and thankyou

  8. Gladicus 02. 12 2014

    Mod: Bjorn Land
    Can not start the map just keeps loading and never finishes

  9. Gladicus 21. 11 2014

    Mod: Volksholm
    Very nice map have been playing all the time 1.4.1 but with now you pigs how do you transport them to the shop.

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  10. Gladicus 14. 11 2014

    Mod: Vehicle Sort
    Very nice mod, only problem is that Num 2 on the key pad is also turning on hazard warning lights

  11. Gladicus 10. 11 2014

    Mod: Hallen Neu
    Well done, great job

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