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for FarmingSimulator (2013) and ETS2
  1. Mod: FS19 Money Cheater
    for those who "cant run the gile"
    copy it on desktop
    right clic
    select 'unlock"
    clic 'ok'
    it's running :)

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  2. Mod: FS19 Money Cheater
    don't works
    "current amount" not showed (blank line instead )
    issue box with button "stop" or "resume" (or something else because french version )

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  3. MestreMarti 08. Februar

    Mod: FORD TRANSIT 2010 3.0.0
    color choice don'( works and price too high

  4. MestreMarti 30. 12 2018

    Mod: MW Plazierbares Hof-Pack
    I use it since V1 it's wonderful !!
    I think about news textures to suit as mediterranean (french riviera and "provence") style (bricks or oldier stonewalls roman tiles roof etc ) first for my own usage

  5. MestreMarti 27. 12 2018

    Mod: Berry Village Map
    Berry ??? IS RUSSIAN MAP with names in cyrrilic alphabet
    Le Berry??? FAUX C EST UNE MAP RUSSE avec les indications en alphabet cyrillique

  6. MestreMarti 16. 09 2018

    Mod: Alfa Romeo Giulia 1.31 - 1.32

  7. MestreMarti 16. 07 2018

    Mod: Renault Kangoo 1.31.x
    automatic gearbox don't works
    stop making hundred models and solve this firts
    good luck

  8. MestreMarti 17. 06 2018

    Mod: Maserati Levante 2017 [1.30 - 1.31]
    no more reverse on automatic gearbox in V1.31???

  9. MestreMarti 17. 06 2018

    Mod: LADA NIVA von Salahov 1.31.X
    automatic gearbox without reverse way?

  10. MestreMarti 17. 06 2018

    Mod: VW GOLF MK6 V1.4 TSI 1.31
    updated??? lol :p :D
    no more automatic gearbox

  11. MestreMarti 16. 06 2018

    Mod: VW GOLF MK6 V1.4 TSI 1.31
    beautiful model
    but critical problem NO AUTOMATIC GEARBOX

  12. MestreMarti 15. 06 2018

    Mod: TruckSim Map
    I re Dl it re install it and ETS2 mod section show UNCOMPATIBLE MOD and make unable to activate it

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  13. MestreMarti 15. 06 2018

    Mod: TruckSim Map
    you talk about TSM Map 6.6.2?
    maybe need to re install it because after updating ETS2 to V1.31 TSm Map 6.2 fail (marked with a red ! in mod list ingame)

  14. MestreMarti 14. 06 2018

    Mod: Iveco Daily 1.31.x
    don't works with automatic gearbox !!!
    a simple van (whithout passenger) was a good idea too (orignaly Iveco Daily is a freight van)

  15. MestreMarti 14. 06 2018

    Mod: Honda Civic von Indoorbluewolf 1.31.X
    in wich dealer may I found it? (no one actually!!)

  16. MestreMarti 13. 06 2018

    Mod: MERCEDES MARCOPOLO G7 1200 1.31.X
    as welle we play on "EURO Trucks" why not the famis "EuroLines" skin for your bus?? (see on Man Lion V1.31 wich has this skin (the latest version)

  17. MestreMarti 12. 06 2018

    Mod: TruckSim Map
    any update to use withs ETS2 V1.31??

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  18. MestreMarti 04. 05 2018

    Mod: Mercedes Sprinter 2018 Neues Model [1.31.x]
    conflicts with somes others mods

  19. MestreMarti 04. 05 2018

    Mod: Setra 431 DT (1.28.x)
    don't works with ETS2 V1.31!!!

  20. MestreMarti 08. 12 2017

    Mod: North Map
    Are you crazy ????
    shame on you !!! YOU CANNOT CONTROL WHAT I DO so YOU CANNOT ALLOWED (OR NOT ALLOWED) what I DO (or not do) on my Own PC
    its legal to not allowed re upload without your permission but its illegal to tell "you cannot modify my work"
    PLEASE PAY RESOECT to other users/modders

  21. MestreMarti 03. 12 2017

    Mod: SCANIA TOURING [1.22 - 1.30]
    and as well the ETS game is based on EUROE as welle the Eurolines skin is not proposed (Eurolines is a real bus company with Bus Service on all great cities as Paris London Madrid Roma etc)

  22. MestreMarti 02. 12 2017

    Mod: MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER 2009 1.30.x
    6.3 dont appears anywhere
    6.2 crash game
    and so?

  23. MestreMarti 02. 12 2017

    Mod: Alfa Romeo Giulietta (1.30.x)
    you're note the only modder and you may pay respect of others modder and let players have the possibility to DL an install more mods !!

  24. MestreMarti 02. 12 2017

    Mod: MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER 2009 1.30.x
    don't lister in mods section and so don't selectable?

  25. MestreMarti 26. 11 2017

    Mod: Citroën 2Cv im Straßenverkehr
    maybe a drivable version ? :D

  26. MestreMarti 24. 11 2017

    Mod: RENAULT MEGANE 4 (HQ model) [1.28.X]
    why "all dealers" ??? this may cause crash of game :(

  27. MestreMarti 22. 11 2017

    Mod: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2014 Facelift
    you're not allowed to be incorrect with otgers player (writing with caps letters and in red is not fun)

  28. MestreMarti 11. 11 2017

    No textures for the vehicle
    (i3d is all white like a "fantom"?

  29. MestreMarti 05. 11 2017

    Mod: Cheeries Placeable Tree
    take care it can be used on a savegame (i e you need tou have a new started gameplay to use it

  30. MestreMarti 04. 11 2017

    Mod: Cheeries Placeable Tree
    thanks for this mod that i have suggested a few days ago

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  31. MestreMarti 30. 10 2017

    Mod: Placeable Banane Tree
    cherry tree please??? thanks

  32. MestreMarti 30. 10 2017

    Mod: Placeable Coco Tree
    cherry tree please??? thanks

  33. MestreMarti 23. 10 2017

    Mod: Felder-Cheat
    Not needed!!!
    to obtain the all fields
    1/ lauch a new game
    2/ save it
    3/ goto savegameN folder
    4/ open "savegame" whith an text editor
    5/ look for "Fields nn"
    6/ look for "owned by player" and close to each change "false" by "true"
    save the docment "savegame"
    7/ lauch again the game
    8/ open the savegame you obtain the all fields owned

  34. MestreMarti 21. 10 2017

    Mod: LeBoutDuMonde
    the author has put french speaking indicators signs whithout using the conventional ingame icons )
    to buy or repair materials you need to follow indications "concessionaire agricole" (the > indicate you the direction)

    pour l'auteur
    ce serait mieux de remettre les icones en place ce n'est pas bien difficile et nos amis non francophones apprécieraient mieux votre map par ailleurs pas trop mal

  35. MestreMarti 27. 09 2017

    Mod: FS17_VW_peace_and_love_TFSG
    bien sympa la Cox mais quand on l'a acheté mise en route et laissée quelque part sur une map et qu'on relance le jeu elle ne bouge plus sauf si on commence par la "réinitialiser"
    j'ai loupé quelque chose?

  36. MestreMarti 11. 09 2017

    Mod: Realistische europäische Tankstellen
    there is not only "total" gas stations in france but shell BP and Esso too

  37. MestreMarti 06. 09 2017

    Mod: Mercedes Benz Travego Special 15-17 SHD
    tested on 1.28 version,???? BUT CRAHSH THE GAME on launch !!! (with ETS2 + going East+vive la france +Scandinivia + TSM6.6.1 and no other Mercedes Benz mods yet

  38. MestreMarti 05. 09 2017

    Mod: La Ferme Limousine
    ai je bien lu que vous séparez l'achat des animaux et leur revente??

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