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  1. Ray50 31. 07 2014

    Mod: The Dutch Map
    Loewe1000, der map wird nog ausgebreitet.

  2. Ray50 31. 07 2014

    Mod: The Dutch Map
    Great map. Works great on 1.11

  3. Ray50 28. 06 2014

    Mod: Renault Range T
    Is this the Ironman look?

  4. Ray50 05. 06 2014

    Mod: Trameri Eingang Fix
    Why make it easy?. You can't handle a little bump?

  5. Ray50 26. 05 2014

    Mod: Support81 Pack
    I'm still looking for a 8x4 chassis for scania. What mod are you using?

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  6. Ray50 02. 05 2014

    Mod: Multiplayer Alpha
    The multiplayermod works great. There are some bugs, but that normal. You cant use mods and you dont have to start a new profile.

  7. Ray50 06. 04 2014

    Mod: Realistic Physics Mod
    Darauf hab ich gewartet. Klasse!

  8. Ray50 26. 03 2014

    Mod: Excellent SweetFX
    I have tried different graphic mods, but I don't like anyone of them. I am happy with what my pc can do and thats is the best one.

  9. Ray50 06. 03 2014

    Mod: Höhere Verkehrsdichte
    You can register your game on steam, using your key. I play both versions.

  10. Ray50 01. 03 2014

    Mod: Scania Streamline
    Does not work with the 8x4 mod I use for the volvo fh16. When i choose the garage with the 8x4 volvo's, the game crashes.

  11. Ray50 06. 02 2014

    Mod: Multi Traffic Mod
    Works great, no problems at all.

  12. Ray50 23. 01 2014

    Mod: Truckers Map for Game
    Takes a long time to load but it works. No traffic and it take a long time to deliver a load from a to b. Truck is hardly moving, need some snowchains.

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  13. Ray50 16. 01 2014

    Mod: Europamap in Farbe
    The dutch part is incorrect. The road goes over the islands and that is impossible. It should go over the Afsluitdijk.

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  14. Ray50 31. 12 2013

    Mod: Mega Verkehr Mod
    Game stürtzt ab! bei TSM 4.5.

  15. Ray50 05. 12 2013

    Mod: RED Expert
    Bei trucksimmap kann ich die karte nicht ganz laden, nur europa.

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