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  1. Tuddley3 09. 10 2019

    Mod: Brauerei - GlobalCompany (Placeable)
    Where is the GrundMod GlobalCompany located?

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  2. Tuddley3 09. 12 2016

    Mod: Lizard SX 210 Twinstar
    Why call it a Lizard when you can call it a Kenworth?

  3. Tuddley3 28. 10 2016

    Mod: Luftdruck einstellen
    Very clever mod, I had no idea this was possible

  4. Tuddley3 28. 10 2016

    Mod: Ford Pickup
    That's NOT a Ford, that's a Dodge Ram

  5. Tuddley3 13. 02 2016

    Mod: Reklame Schilder
    FYI, please do not install 1.0, it causes crashes. Only install 1.1 which fixes the crashes and works perfectly.

  6. Tuddley3 13. 02 2016

    Mod: Reklame Schilder
    Only install 1.1 The person that uploaded this here (I am the creator) uploaded both the original and the 1.1 fix. Just delete the original.

  7. Tuddley3 28. 08 2015

    Mod: Youtubetrailer
    There's no CTFxC or Shaytards!!! Just kidding :)

  8. Tuddley3 14. 08 2015

    Mod: Realistic Driving Mod
    Is this compatible with 3rd party trucks?

  9. Tuddley3 31. 07 2015

    Mod: Henki AI Schneeräumdienst
    Should make a version for ProMods for Iceland

  10. Tuddley3 28. 06 2015

    Mod: German Real Police
    What is this mod? Does it add police cars that pull you over and give you a ticket/fine? Maybe add a few screenshots above so we can see what it does.

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  11. Tuddley3 26. 01 2015

    Mod: Katze
    Cool, now we won't have a mice problem. LOL

  12. Tuddley3 02. 01 2015

    Mod: Kone Big M500 ATTACH
    I was just thinking about one of these yesterday. Awesome!!!

  13. Tuddley3 23. 06 2014

    Mod: Cat Fleet
    I can't seem to get the 725 to move. I have turned off the parking brake and it won't go, or steer. I can start the engine, turn on the light and the wiper. This may not be a problem with this mod as other mods I've downloaded recently have the same problem. It may have something to do with me running FS2013 on my laptop since my desktop died.

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  14. Tuddley3 01. 02 2013

    Mod: 3d Stein Textur
    Cannot download from there, can you upload to ModHoster?

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  15. Tuddley3 01. 02 2013

    Mod: 3d Stein Textur
    Looks much more realistic, thank you!!!

  16. Tuddley3 28. 01 2013

    Mod: Futtersilo
    Birdfeeder? Those birds must be as big as an Airbus A380.

  17. Tuddley3 28. 01 2013

    Mod: VW
    Would love this if it were drivable, I'd use it to deliver my eggs. If I knew how to do it I'd help you. Maybe someone else will be able to assist you in making it drivable.

  18. Tuddley3 16. 01 2013

    Mod: New Darker Gravel Textures
    Thank you Sharp!! Also in the future, I will use a different translator.

  19. Tuddley3 08. 01 2013

    Mod: Goldhofer 8 achser
    It pulls better than the Trailtech trailer, but cannot load anything on it, no ramps or fold/unfold option.

  20. Tuddley3 06. 01 2013

    Mod: New Gravel Textures
    My English is much better than my German, and I don't claim to be an English Professor either.

  21. Tuddley3 17. 12 2012

    Mod: Dirty Tires 2013
    I'm actually thinking about it :)

  22. Tuddley3 17. 12 2012

    Mod: Dirty Tires 2013
    I'm actually thinking about it. Here is one I've done in my own company colors...

  23. Tuddley3 17. 12 2012

    Mod: Dirty Tires 2013
    Sorry, I cannot translate that into English. When I do it doesn't make sense. Only thing I can get out of it was that The Bauer cannot buy default machines? I'm not sure if my mod has anything to do with his problem.

  24. Tuddley3 16. 12 2012

    Mod: Dirty Tires 2013
    Thank you for translating it Alex!! I guess for now on when I upload something here I will need to have it translated to German.

  25. Tuddley3 15. 12 2012

    Mod: Dirty Tires 2013
    No, this mod is not washable, it's permanent. I have included backup files.

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