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Empfehlung: LS 15 : John Deere 8600i v 0.22 [mp]

John-deere-8600i John Deere 8600i Mod-Pack
A day before self imposed deadline ... For all of you did are into silage ... and who is not? Let me intoduce 8600i and implments as rendered by yours trully. Make sure you open the file. Take pieces...
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LS 15 : NotThatBigWindTurbine v 1.0 [mp]

Notthatbigwindturbine NotThatBigWindTurbine Mod
Wenn Sie eine kleine Windkraftanlage wollte immer, nicht leisten konnte oder wollte nicht, dass eine riesige ein - check this out. Es gibt keine wirklichen Leben Darstellung davon. Es war es in meinem...
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LS 15 : Krone Fortima 1500 v 1.0 [mp]

Krone-fortima-1500--2 Krone Fortima 1500 Mod
           Krone Fortima 1500 For Sale --------------------------------------------- Production year:2004 Hours: Who knows... Owners:34 Works like new Many new parts:Hydraulics,belts,rotor,rakes...
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LS 15 : MX multimass 1200 v 1.0 [mp]

Mx-multimass-1200--3 MX multimass 1200 Mod
Füllen Licht in letzter Zeit ...? Denken bekam schwer zu bekommen ...? Traktoren herumspringen ...? Lösung ist gleich zur Hand - MX multi Massen 1200.    
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Empfehlung: LS 15 : Ponsee Wolverine v 1.0 [mp]

Ponsee-wolverine Ponsee Wolverine Mod
Haben Sie Angst vor großen bösen Scorpion? Ich auch. Nun, nicht mehr fürchten. Hiermit teile ich schenke neue mehr Kompaktversion. - Es tut Dinge - Er treibt - Es hat Spezialisierungen - Es hat...
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Empfehlung: LS 15 : Header Carrier v 1.2 [mp]

Header-carrier--2 Header Carrier Mod
Did you ever have a need to put all headers on the roof or just hold them up  in triumph? Have you ever seat behind a wheel of a wheel loader and thought "Man,I could use something really wide on...
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LS 2013 : On the walls of Grunwald v 1.1 Rectified [sp]

On-the-walls-of-grunwald-rectified On the walls of Grunwald Map
It had to be done. Another chapter had to be written,so there it is: -Black concrete plates - GONE  to mitigate aggravation -Grain silo textures - replaced  to ease the eyes -Ash, Spruce,River birch...
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LS 2013 : On the walls of Grunwald v 1.0 [sp]

On-the-walls-of-grunwald On the walls of Grunwald Map
After much research and long time in the field of new part of "At the castle wall" was uncovered.Well, it was actually just north of the tracks.You will find there plenty of flora, rolling hills, mountain...
  1. most sinister 18. 09 2016

    Mod: WheelShader
    Something to keep in mind. You need to make wheel radius smaller in the XML file,because mesh is still round, only shader deformes it, so if don't want your machine or tractor to hoover, make them smaller

  2. most sinister 21. 07 2016

    Mod: Case Optum 300 CVX
    Well done! Not bad at all. This is what I wanted for past 3 days. Now I got it
    Thanx man,Red tractor,What a treat! I'm serious...

  3. most sinister 17. 07 2016

    Mod: Challenger MT875E 2016
    Getting that ladder actuator textured still remains beyond capabilities?

  4. most sinister 16. 07 2016

    Mod: Bessere Grafik
    I can not tell if it is working or not.Does this mean that I'm color blind?

  5. most sinister 08. 06 2016

    Mod: Geotrupidae
    yeah, nice work, now, give me my propeller and tail back.

    1 Antworten

  6. most sinister 15. 05 2016

    Mod: John Deere 8600i
    It is American version,hence the licence plate and the Prometheus pipes are custom made in Michigan

  7. most sinister 15. 05 2016

    Mod: John Deere 8600i
    look at the keyboard find the longest key and press it

  8. most sinister 15. 05 2016

    Mod: John Deere 8600i
    To all of you that did not see that before-
    "Meyer back rig" has a "trailerLow" attacher joint so you could attach things with "trailerLow" attacher joints like Fliegl Bull or such.
    Don't try to attach things with different attacher joins or plows or shovels

    1 Antworten

  9. most sinister 15. 05 2016

    Mod: John Deere 8600i
    Use door handle or go out the window

    1 Antworten

  10. Mod: John Deere 8600i
    New version coming out with amended dirt duration and prices,smaller coli for corn header,so keep your pants on.

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  11. most sinister 15. 04 2016

    Mod: Case ih Optum cvx 300, 270
    I don't know if it's just me, but I keep getting empty Zip file.What is up with that

  12. most sinister 10. 04 2016

    Mod: Will mow yor arss bold
    I can make more than that

  13. most sinister 10. 04 2016

    Mod: Claas Xerion Saddle Trac 3800
    I know the dude tried,...I know that he does not want to put ***** forward,but what the h*ll is up with the spawn of Lilith and Khrushchev driver and I thought we finally broke free from shackles of not understanding basic texturing and mapping. Apparently we deal here with a fairly prolific individual. My only hope is that all this vigor and enthusiasm could be channeled onto a specific task or skill,not how much, how fast could I produce.This kind of modus operande is only for most part appreciated among minks and possibly rats.Regretfully, I have to say it, because someone has to...

  14. most sinister 08. 04 2016

    Mod: Now filthy
    Txanx,man and I guess we all will have something to gain from this endeavor.

  15. most sinister 03. 04 2016

    Mod: Now filthy
    Thanx man,You are pouring sugar like you have an agenda;)

  16. most sinister 05. 03 2016

    Mod: It has been coaxed out of Blender
    Yes, there are K 395 and JD 659 being made.You got arms,you need a hammer to swing,right?

  17. most sinister 18. 02 2016

    Mod: Interior textures done
    I just pretty much seat and try different things, see what works, Blender is fairly easy to figure out once you know basics.

  18. most sinister 14. 02 2016

    Mod: Pack joskin KTP Variable Body
    No no,it comes from God.
    Don't try to insult my intelligence.

  19. most sinister 14. 02 2016

    Mod: Pack joskin KTP Variable Body
    congratulations, you managed to cause following errors:
    Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent'.
    D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/gui/elements/GuiElement.lua(1026) : bad argument #1 to 'gsub' (string expected, got table)
    Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent'.
    D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/gui/elements/GuiElement.lua(1026) : bad argument #1 to 'gsub' (string expected, got table)
    Application exit request forced.

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  20. most sinister 13. 02 2016

    Mod: Gettin' paint
    Kemper 390 and and a swath pick up jd 649 are in plans.What happens,we'll see.

  21. most sinister 13. 02 2016

    Mod: Gettin' paint
    It's not dealing with Russian mafia.I don't think luck will be much of use (;

  22. most sinister 12. 02 2016

    Mod: Gettin' paint
    Since you like so much,I will

  23. most sinister 19. 12 2015

    Mod: NotThatBigWindTurbine
    Most questions you might have could be answered by downloading the mod and finding out for youself

  24. most sinister 13. 10 2015

    Mod: Schlüter Super 1500 TV Baas Cabrio
    3/4 million vertices and does not even have a roof,Well done.

  25. most sinister 30. 09 2015

    Mod: New Holland Bundle
    Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
    C:/Users/Art/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//NH_Fleet_Spartan086/scripts/tuning.lua:50: attempt to index global 'mrGearboxMogliGlobals' (a nil value)
    Application exit request forced.

  26. most sinister 27. 05 2015

    Mod: Mercedes 2014
    wheels have no collision therefore have no mass

    2 Antworten

  27. most sinister 12. 04 2015

    Mod: Peterbilt 387
    both farmer feet have wrong indexes

  28. most sinister 31. 03 2015

    Mod: Ponsee Wolverine
    Yes I saw it.I don't care what people do with it.I'm not that possessive of mods as most of people.To me it is just bunch of vertices with faces and bunch of letters and numbers in xml and lua form,meaning it is not really that important. I have life beside this .I enjoy process of making them more than anything else.What happens after does not really matter. I'm onto something new.If you don't want people to mess with your stuff,don't publish.

  29. most sinister 28. 03 2015

    Mod: Log Loader
    Is it inflatable? Looks inflatable.

  30. most sinister 25. 03 2015

    Mod: Nieciekawa
    The name translates to "not interesting".That pretty much says it all..

  31. most sinister 21. 03 2015

    Mod: Pack Houses
    Not bad.nicely done! Except I would rebake ambient oclusions on 2048x2048 images. I don't give a ***** what happens in multiplayer but the houses won't work because 4096x4096 textures. And on the "Domek1" should dissolve some edges on the roof because shadows in Giants Editor are all weird

  32. most sinister 05. 03 2015

    Mod: Vila Vibro Dragged 10M
    I can appreciate the work that went into the mod .The modeling and texturing is close to flawless. Great work! But,there is always but...Would it kill you to take another hour after all this effort and give it specular textures and dirt shader,make it how it was intended to be? It's a machine that gets dirty fast. Right? ;)

  33. most sinister 01. 03 2015

    Mod: CLAAS Axion 950
    One more thing...if you bring "motor_svetla" RGB to around 183 all around and set "vehicleShaderDirt.xml" to glass you will get nice lights wita AO texture, not black spots.Yes, they have texture map an everything.Just a thougt..

  34. most sinister 01. 03 2015

    Mod: CLAAS Axion 950
    Or maybe you are just one dude...

  35. most sinister 01. 03 2015

    Mod: CLAAS Axion 950
    Getting better at modelling texturing Do not take it wrong.It is not that you sucked before;
    Thanx for a cool mod.For no apparent reason I like Claas. Seems like you guys are the only ones that do any modeling lately.Keep it up.Well done.

    1 Antworten